phone hanged, touch not working, what to do now

  • my phone has hanged and touch not working, what to do now.
    also on pressing power ket the option to reboot comes but i cant reboot it

  • Try to reboot by pressing vol up key and power key together.

  • Hello Dev Team,

    This issue happened for me as well. while watching video it has hanged. Rebooting was not working and later it switched on automatically. please check this issue as it’s not only me facing this. Thanks.

  • Product Team

    @rohatgianoop press power button for 15 secs. It will turn off . After that try powering up your device normally.

  • Had the same problem on the very second day, though reboot screen appears on long pressing power button, there was no response to touch, contacted customer care who asked me to allow the phone to completely discharge and then power up afresh, which of course could take more than a couple of days, so searched myself on net, switched off the phone by long pressing power, volume up and down buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds, allowed it to cool down and then restarted, no issues since then

  • Already install all update…???

  • CREO Support

    @rohatgianoop @Bharathi @Satheesh-Kumar @arka2020 Sorry to hear this, please write us at and share some more details regarding this issue or provide the scenarios in which the phone hangs up.

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