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    Got my Mark 1 on 30th April and now after using it for almost 6 days here’s my review.
    Pro’s -

    1. Awesome Display.

    2. Premium Look.

    3. Stunning Rear Camera in Daylight.

    4. Gestures are good.

    Con’s -

    1. Little heating on heavy gaming but thanks to the back cover it doesn’t feel much.

    2. Battery does not perform much. It feels like fast charging comes wid fast draining.It won’t last for a day.

    3. Somewhat lag in Games like Overkill3. Smooth on lite games. But who will want to play lite games when we have 3 GB RAM. So please look after it. Its irritating sometimes.


    1. Whenever I call someone from my contact list I need to touch twice on the name of that contact then only the dialog appears for selection of sim to call from. I dont know if its only happening wid me but i am facing delay everytime when i try to call from contact list. Everytime I have to tap twice or to hold on that contact name then only the dialog appears.

    2. Voice Recognition Smart Lock Feature is not working.


    1. DIFFERENT RINGTONES FOR EACH SIM. It will be too good to have that from which it would be easy to recognize the type of caller to those who uses different sim for bussiness and family. Or Group Ringtone is also a good option.

    2. Permission Manager, Data Manager must needed. In Xiaomi Phones we can decide which apps will run in BG this should increase the Battery Performance. These kind of apps are very useful in data management.

    3. THEMES AND DIFFERENT SYSTEM FONTS. Please come with a themes app in this update. We all would love to have different themes,icons,fonts,etc.

    Overall Good Start for Creo Decent Smartphone. Planning to Buy one more for my Brother. Keep it up Creo. Good Luck to Creo.


  • Product Team

    @PRATIK-PARDESHI Thanks for the valuable feedback! You’ll be pleased to know that the team at CREO is working tirelessly to improve upon the battery performance and push out some fixes for the heating issue as well starting with tweaks and tune-ups in future updates. We also hope that these will give you a perceivable improvement in performance as well.

    On the features you have suggested - We’re including a Data Manager in the update due for next week which you should look out for. Apart from that different ringtones for each SIM would definitely be a great addition to Fuel OS, which we will be exploring.

    Thanks again, for the feedback and suggestions! We look forward to receiving more of the same from our entire community. Let’s make better together! :)

  • RAM has very little to do with smooth gameplay. It’s the GPU and the CPU on the SoC and the buffers coming in it that affect performance since it makes fast calculations on the fly.
    RAM comes into the picture if you have multiple heavy apps minimized and want to multi-task. There are very few games that would consume a GB of RAM so once loaded up, the size doesn’t matter as much as other latencies.

    You can read all about it here:

    Also Android has internal RAM management afaik, so it does kill apps once RAM runs out. :smile:

  • @Saumye-Srivastava Thank You.😀☺

    You cleared my views about RAM and GPU. But what will be the reason of lag in games on Mark 1? I have this little question.😅

  • simple word to support qhd screen a part of processor busy so when you run havy gameing like nova 3 etc then processor not able to run properly and lag occur…Same reason heating…2 way solve this problem 1. proper optimization of os by update and a 2nd way root and useing app those able to change battery level,cpu speed etc…Also before 6 month donot root then warranty void…Thanks…

  • @arka2020
    Ohk boss tnx for the info.

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