Simple features suggestion

  • Here are a few features which could be added. They are not new, but already out there in other phones

    1.long press anyone capacitive buttons(user’s choice) to take screenshot (this is so simple, compared to the way it’s now done on creo)

    1. A one hand mode

    2. Using both LTE and wifi simultaneously to increase download speed

    3. Marathon battery mode, which reduces the phone to simple call, text options. This becomes useful, when charging is not available and battery is below 5%

    4. An advanced keyboard! Stock keyboard is stoneage compared to other advanced keyboards. Like the one in zenui.

    5. Long pressing on location symbol in the notification drawer should open more settings of location. Long pressing on WIFI, DATA, BLUETOOTH, should do the same

    6. Option to force select 2g,3g,4g data connection in the notification drawer itself

    7. Addition of tethering on,off toggle in the drawer itself

    8. Feature to categorize apps in the app drawer.

    9. An OS inbuilt RAM booster button in the notification drawer. It should function the way clean master does it. Some ui even shows the percentage of RAM used along with a simple button to boost it.

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