How about a new music player?

  • The default music player, which is google play doesn’t really have much good features. Nor are the equaliser functions that easy to fine tune. It seems more like a social media account when you drag the left slide! How about launching one which is very easy to operate and has a lot of features added to it?

  • Yes a new music player on CREO mark 1 is a very good option if it also comes with dollby digital surround sound so it will be great for music lovers like us

  • I was also thinking to post about this music app
    Unlucky somesle did it, no prob.
    But yes it’s a great idea of very own music app for creo mark 1 and yes that to better than the rest…:smile:

  • Product Team

    Why write an app to improve music, why not just improve music performance of Android OS itself?
    Stay tuned … :)

  • CREO Team

    @Kaustubh-Bhoyar wink wink. dropping hints I see :) . folks something exciting cooking up on Audio enhancements. Stay tuned and keep the suggestions coming.Together we #MakeBetter

  • @mlalit

    Hope so… if we have creo music Player

  • Let the stock music player be tied with an onlone music company so that we could stream music directly without opening another app… Also make the music app ui a little more colorful and useful…😀

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