Display flickers bug

  • Display flickers when turning on adaptive display. Now it is flickering immediately after turning ON adaptive display. Earlier the flickering took some time to start. It randomly starts flickering and stops.

    See the video- http://www.filedropper.com/v20160503190207

  • I had this problem from day one. And yes, it got more frequent over the next couple of days, especially with display set between 0% and 25% brightness.

    I returned the phone. To Creo’s credit they did say that they would fix it via a software patch, but I have no patience with this kind of thing.

  • Logically, a user should not be allowed to manually set brightness level, when adaptive brightness isON. This will rise to conflict. But mark 1 allows it! Quite possibly this is the reason why display is flickering when adaptive brightness is ON.

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