Creo mark 1 heating issue

  • After updating fuel os to then also after 10min of use only phone gets heat up and battery is also draining continuously please solve this problem

  • I’m facing the same issue. The phone is hot all the time.


    @Bhasin-Brij Hi Brij, some of users have complained about this problem. We are releasing an update on 13th may that should mitigate this issue. My apologies for this.

  • @sai-srinivas
    I am also facing the same heating issues…can’t figure out what the causes could be and would be grateful if it can be resolved…that’s the sole issue bothering me …otherwise hats off and thumbs up to creo mark one team.

  • @sai-srinivas would appreciate if it can be fixed earlier, coupled with constant battery drain, feel like I’m burning my fingers and pants :smile:

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