Status check for the May 11 update

  • Can someone from the software team verify the status of the update? Also, is there a plan to have beta testers?

    @sai-srinivas @Subodhk

  • @Vartika-Verma @Bipin-Singh Can I get a pingback on this from someone? Cheers!


    @Hardik-Panjwani Our first update is on its way :) You would be soon notified!

  • @Subodhk Hi Subodh, I want to know if the update is finalised or you are still adding/fixing things. I have a few suggestions and a few bugs to report, wondering if I should post them now or wait till after the update so that they are neither a distraction not get lost in the shuffle.

    Also, is there a plan to have beta testers?


    @Hardik-Panjwani Keep suggesting feature requests in its respective category with tag ‘Feature Suggest’. Never stop suggesting features, lets make Android better together :) Our product update list is finalised and I bet you shall have many interesting features in this update!

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