Gesture unlock for personalization of phone

  • CREO Mark 1 already ships with Gesture recognition for Camera and Flashlight and it works brilliantly most of the times, is it possible to add a simple Gesture based personalized unlocking feature?

    The idea would be for a user to make his personalized locking symbol such as ‘&’ or his signature, which can then be used to unlock the phone. The gestures can be learned by either asking a user to draw his gesture on a some MxN grid and then using that in combination with OCR to learn.

    Another extension would be different gestures for unlocking the phone in personal (sort of incognito) mode, for example, if a user is using the same phone for business and personal use, user can designate some of the apps such as messaging and banking apps as personal and they won’t show up on the home screen when unlocked with ‘business mode’


    @Sourabh-Bodas pretty interesting suggestions! We are noting them down :D