Bug or Problem with screen touch, sound issue

  • I’m using Mark1 for 3 days only and I want to report bug or problem I had faced with device today as below.

    1. I was unable to unlock device by any means, I had set pin number to unlock the device.
      -> To unlock after pressing power button we had to swipe up so we get the number pad to enter pin, but I was unable to do so as the touch to screen was not working at all so after pressing the power button I was unable to swipe up and get to the number pad.
      -> The screen should go black if power button is pressed but it stayed active and flickered each 10 seconds. Then I had long pressed the power button to get to the menu to reboot, power off, but I’m unable to take any action as touch on the screen is not working.
      -> Also I was unable to receive calls as had to touch the screen to take the call, the phone was ringing and I could see the caller.
      -> Then I long pressed the power button for like 10 seconds and then the phone got powered off, after rebooting it started working again.

    2. As there are no headsets provided with the device, I had connected headsets available with me, below is the issue.
      -> when headsets are connected (headset icon can be seen on the top of the phone screen) and if I receive call I can hear ring through both phone speaker and headsets. Same happens if I try playing the inbuilt ringtones.
      -> But if I play any song (played using VLC or google play music) the sound comes from headsets only.

  • @Nitin-Mahajan : I hope there may be a malfunction in proximity sensor or ambient light sensor or software. Try to turn off adaptive brightness and then check. To Turn off adaptive brightness: Goto Settings > Display > Adaptive Brightness - Turn it off.

    Functions of above Sensors:
    Proximity Sensor: It is comprised of an infrared LED and an IR light detector. It is placed near the earpiece of a phone, and for a good reason – when you place the handset up to your ear, the sensor lets the system know that you’re most probably in a call and that the screen has to be turned off. The sensor works by shining a beam of invisible to humans infrared light which is reflected from a nearby object and picked up by the IR detector.

    Ambient Light Sensor: It measures how bright the ambient light is. The phone’s software uses this data to adjust the display’s brightness automatically – when ambient light is plentiful, the screen’s brightness is pumped up, and when it is dark, the display is dimmed down.

  • I’m not sure if any sensor failed. I’m not using adaptive brightness setting since beginning.
    I was surfing through one of the app installed and screen suddenly became unresponsive, touch was not working.
    So I locked it using power button, and when tried to unlock using the screen or power button no response to touch on screen as stated in earlier post.

  • @Nitin-Mahajan Creo claims it’s a protective mechanism. when you receive a call or connect charger to your phone, the display lights up after a few seconds delay. If you try to unlock your phone at rapid speed, it won’t work. This is to avoid your phone calls being attended automatically when placing mobile in your pocket. @CREO-Support team has mentioned it in some other thread.

  • Facing the same issue - at times the touch simply refuses to respond. Surprisingly, the issue started only post i started using a pin lock (mandated by my enterprise client - airwatch agent).

    Creo team - please look into this and fix this ASAP. Rebooting the phone each time this happens is painful (3-4 times a day)


    @Abhishek-Gupta thanks for pointing this out. We are testing the behaviour with airwatch client. We will definitely have a solution to this soon.

  • @Subodhk Not sure if this is because of airwatch or pin lock. Ideally would be better to check if @Nitin-Mahajan also has airwatch installed or just plain pin lock.

  • Product Team

    @Nitin-Mahajan @Abhishek-Gupta

    Touch Panel Issue - We are looking into the touch panel issue as reported by you to ascertain if it is a hardware problem or a software bug.

    Screen Flicker - We are actively working on resolving this issue and will have a fix out for this soon. For now, you can switch off “Adaptive Brightness” in the Display Settings and check if that mitigates that problem. Rest assured, we will have a solution where you would be able to use Manual and Adaptive brightness both without any problems.

    For the sound issue - It’s actually the expected behaviour when you receive a call on Android phones. It’s to make sure that you are alerted that there is an incoming call, irrespective of a headset being attached in the scenario that the headset is plugged in but the user doesn’t have the earpieces on. However, when media is playing (video, music etc.) it will always be directed through the headset if it is connected.

  • @Mr.-Wolf Not sure if you understood this issue correctly. The touch works fine most times. This issue happens at random some 3-4 occasions in a day. Once you reboot, it again starts working perfectly.
    Didn’t exist before I installed airwatch and hence had to start using a PIN lock. The issue, surely is because of either PIN lock or airwatch compatibility.

  • @Abhishek-Gupta I’m just using plain pin lock.

  • @Nitin-Mahajan Could you try and disable this and see if this issue still persists? I unfortunately can’t, since airwatch on phone is the device administrator.

  • @Mr.-Wolf The Touch panel issue and the flicker issue happened at the same time for me.
    As mentioned in my first post, I was surfing through app and the touch became unresponsive, so I locked the phone using the power button, phone got locked but the screen did not go black as it supposed to, it was flickering, like it was going dim and then again light up with 10 seconds interval. So I was unable to unlock it by any means, so had to switch off the phone and start again by long pressing the power button.

  • @Abhishek-Gupta For now the problem is not there, after the problem last time I had to switch off the phone and start again, it’s working fine for now.

  • Product Team

    @Nitin-Mahajan @Abhishek-Gupta Understood. We are exploring if there is an issue with the the touch panel at the hardware layer or just some minor bug with the PIN lock case. As per our initial findings, it does not seem likely that airwatch is causing these issues at the moment.

  • @Mr.-Wolf
    I had sent the below info the support also.

    1. Faced the same issue again yesterday 3 time in 1 hour. 1st time I was browsing through apps and touch panel stopped responding, had to power it off by long pressing the power button.
      Other times I was capturing photo, after capturing one photo touch panel became unresponsive, Again had to reboot it by long pressing the power button.

    2. I had observed one more issue, about the location services, when I enabled the location services on the phone, and while using the Google maps after some time I could feel the phone was heating up on the back side, so I disabled the location services and the heating went down.

    3. Attaching screenshot for the one more issue, I observed in ringtones, yesterday only. there are multiple entries for same ringtones, not just the ones in the screenshot but some of the other also.