Light leaking and gorrila glass issue

  • So I noticed that my Mark 1 leaks light from the charging point. Makes me afraid as a single drop of water is getting directly to the display and might ruin it. I think it leaks from the bottom rim as well.

    Also, I was earlier having Gorilla glass 2 on my xperia M and noticed there is no scratch at all after 2 years of usage without protection. But although Mark 1 has Gorrila glass 3 protection, there is already a scratch on it.

    I was a proud user of Mark 1 but now I am even afraid to show it to my friends.

  • Always remember that a single glass never full protected…Scratch not possible my coin,key but if you try clean you smartphone by your unclean tshirt or in you pocket few amount of sand by chance rub against your smartphone’s glass screen then scratch shown…