Reliance Jio 4G not working

  • Hi,

    I got this phone for my wifi as she got and reliance Jio SIM, but after trying all the settings she is not able to get 4G data working on this phone. As I am not in India, trying to help her remotely. Please let me know if I have to do some specific settings to address this problem. I have selected the proper SIM, enabled the data for that SIM and in SIM management set default data to that SIM. and also checked the APN which was correct -> jionet. the signal shows on signal indicator as Jio 4G, but data is not working. Now I have asked her to install Jio join to test the calling. mean while your help would be appreciated to solve the data connectivity problem.

    Also she is complaining of continuous heating while talking and also gets more heated up while charging.


  • My one of the main purpose of buying phone was support for Reliance JIO. in this phone even though it locks onto the frequency there is no data connection. I checked my SIM with IPhone 5S and Lenovo k4 note in both cases I am able to browse the data so there is no problem with the SIM. Hope the new update on 13th May fixes the issues.

  • CREO Support

    @Shivashankar-Guddadmath @Sunny-Khilare Hi, Please go with the below points to make your Creo Mark 1 phone compatible with Reliance Jio

    1. Go to Settings > More > Cellular Networks > Preffered Network Type > Select 4G(recommended)
    2. Open from your mobile browser and click on “My Jio” tab.
    3. Provide your gmail account details and proceed to create Reliance Jio ID. You will get an OTP on your Reliance Jio number for verification.
    4. Once, the job has done, It will redirect you at google play store where you can download “My Jio” app.
    5. To make the call, open from your mobile browser and click on “JioJoin” tab.
    6. Provide your gmail account details and Reliance ID and tab to download “JioJoin” app.

    Please write at for any clarification.

  • Thanks all of you for your time, after trying all the options finally decided to return the phone. Nevertheless it was a good attempt from CREO. Not up to the MARK, as USP of the phone is software. and I wish All the best to CREO team. Will surely try in future if they come up with better product. GOOD BYE.

  • As flipkart didn’t pick phone on time may be good for Creo. I am back in India, updated os to 1.1, and restarted. Good thing is jio 4G started working. Though speed was not good but livable. But surprisingly when I turned hotspot and access the net from my Mac book speed is considerably high better than my act fibernet(25 Mbps). This means though network and modem are capable of high speed, phone software is not able to handle that data. Like youtube buffers most of the time in phone and also browser takes lot of time to load even basic pages, while the same on Macbook takes less time. To keep the test fair I have cleared cache and reset my safari.

    Eagerly waiting to hear from you regarding the volte.

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  • I’m facing the same issue that @Shivashankar-Guddadmath mentioned. Hotspot works fine on the laptop when the internet on phone itself struggles to maintain high speed. Sometimes, pages don’t even load, or mails do not get updated on the phone, yet internet works great on the laptop through hotspot. I’m using Airtel 4G

    Moreover, this phone does not catch airtel 4g signals inside home, though my airtel 4g home-router wifi can very easily catch 4g signals and give 24mbps speed. But the phone always runs on 3g and sometimes even downgrades to 2g!.

    Awaiting to hear from @CREO-Support @CREO-Team

  • I rooted my device, done some tweaks and jio 4G is very consistent now. And 4G data starts working within 5 secs from reboot also 4G data starts immediately after flight mode. I drove more than 500 km with live TV on jio play it never buffered for even a single time. Reliance has done good job in their jio network.

    I tried few tweaks with kernel modem and settings now able to get volte option in call settings, attached screen shots. (Sorry can’t attach screen shots from mobile app 😞)

    Looking for source planning to check the volte implementation as well plans to port/compile cyanogen mod. Let’s see.

  • @Shivashankar-Guddadmath Share the steps mate for rooting it…Did you use Framaroot? Also, if you succeed in porting CM, do share the ported ROM :)

  • Won’t it void warranty and disable ota update??? Creo team please reply…

  • CREO Support

    @Shivashankar-Guddadmath @saikatsakura @Girija-Das Creo warranty does not cover if you root your Mark 1. Please read CREO - Warranty policy carefully.

  • @Sober-Barik then what about better working and locked net mode after few tweaks in the phone working nicely???cuz u guys are not replying to that.

  • You can use Jio 4G sim on any smartphone and do not have to use a Reliance LYF phone.

    Trick to Use Reliance Jio Sim Card in Any Other Mobile Phone (Non Jio)
    Yeah, this is true that you can use your reliance jio sim card in mobile phone and all features of jio sim can be accessed in that mobile too like data services, calling & messaging. You just need to follow some steps given below to access reliance jio sim card in any mobile. Officially reliance jio doesn’t allow using their sim card in any other mobile. But still if you want to use then follow below given steps carefully.

    Requirements to Use Reliance Jio Sim in Non-Jio Mobile

    1. Reliance Jio Sim Card
    2. IMEI Of Your LYF Mobile.
    3. Rooted Android Device
    4. Handset Must Be 4g Enabled
    5. Xposed IMEI Changer App

    Guide to Use Reliance Jio Sim Card in Any Device

    1. At first you need to have a rooted android 4g handset.
    2. Now Download IMEI Changer Pro App in your mobile -
    3. Then Install Xposed Installer & Activate Framework then go to Modules Tick on Imei Changer Pro app.
    4. Reboot your mobile after doing all above steps.
    5. Now Note Down IMEI Number of Your LYF Mobile by dialling *#06# or given at the box of your LYF Mobile.
    6. Now open the IMEI Changer App in your mobile and enter the same IMEI Number of your LYF mobile in app and click on Apply button.
    7. Now Switch Off your mobile phone and insert your Jio Sim Card in Slot 1. And restart your mobile phone.
    8. Now your jio sim card will be activated in another device and if you don’t get signal in this device then go to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Network Operators > Search Manually > Choose Reliance Jio.
    9. After that again go to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Create New APN
      Name: RdxTricks
      APN: Jionet
      Save this APN & Activate it as Default APN.
    10. Choose network mode as LTE Only

    That’s it, Now turn On your Data Services & Enjoy True Unlimited 4g Data in any Mobile Phone via Reliance Jio Sim Card.

    Bravo! You have successfully used your Reliance Jio Sim Card in Non-Jio Supported Mobile.

  • @Sober-Barik
    Hi…if we get Mobile internet, then only we will able to get Jio.appstore…
    The problem is not connecting to Mobiledata by Jio from our Creo…so, how to get playstore…? In my case, I already installed those apps from playstore by Wi-Fi… even though,iam unable to get connect mobile data in my Creo…

  • @iambatman
    Hi sir,
    I am using in lenovo k3 note since 2 months… No issues at all…but, why in Creo like this…?

  • @iambatman
    Also I didn’t have Lyf mobile. One of my friend given me that sim, I just installed Jio Join through Wi-Fi… That’s so, its working without any issues yet…
    Only in Creo, we are facing problems, I tried multiple…

  • @panchakshari are yaar see iambatman’s guide … you need a rooted android device. Have you rooted your device?

  • @saikatsakura
    I don’t have LyF handset…me have only Jio sim…iam unable to do as he said…

  • @panchakshari A rooted handset does not mean a LYF handset. You have to root your Mark 1. Several tutorials are available online, however the process is tedious and risky and can brick your device. Plus when you root your device you void the warranty of CREO.

  • @saikatsakura
    Thanks for your advice… that’s the reason iam not trying to take risk on my Creo…it’s ok let’s leave our ball in to the Creo’s court…

  • Hi guys i have rooted My device installed xposed imei changer, changed the imei of my device to the lyf one.
    But still m unable to connect to the internet. Some kind of data exhaust page.i have unlimited plan for 3 months though ! n the calls are also not going through.
    Can anyone pls tell me any kind solution for this.
    Thanks in advance.

  • JIO SIMs that comes with LYF handsets are device locked (read IMEI locked), but post JIO’s commercial launch you’ll be able to buy normal (unlocked) SIMs that’ll work with any 4G phones. Also, right now the JIO Offer SIMs provided against Samsung phones are unlocked ones, so instead of trying a LYF Sim, if any friend or family member has got a qualifying Samsung phone you can get a sim against that pfone, activate the SIM using the Samsung phone, then use it in any 4G phone, that includes CREO Mark 1.

  • not wrok 4g jio sim karbihiya patna 80001

  • 4days not wark 4g jio sim karbighiya patna 800001 castmear care cols not replae…

  • @Ashwani-Kumar said in Reliance Jio 4G not working:

    not wrok 4g jio sim karbihiya patna 80001

  • @Ashwani-Kumar what happened?

  • CREO Support

    Regarding help related with Reliance JIO, Please find the contact details below:

    General Enquirers Toll Free: 1800-103-8877
    Customer Care Email ID: /
    Care support: 198 (From Jio number)
    General Enquirers: 199 (From Jio number)
    Customer Care support: 1800-88-99999 (From any other operator)
    Jio Tele verification: 1977 (For HD calling)

    You can also get Support on Twitter @JioCare

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  • @Mantosh-Kumar set apn jionet then use it i an using it for 3 days

  • My jio …sim not working new sim but not working my mobile name-samsung galaxy s6 edge plus but why mobile number-9932199061 no network0_1472567668320_Screenshot_20160830-200404.png

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