Flip cover being sent for the phone

  • @sai-srinivas I read in one of the posts that creo is sending flip covers for the phone. Is it true??
    Until when can I expect to receive it??
    The phone is slippery.
    Please reply soon

  • @sai-srinivas I didn’t receive the engraved version of the phone since I bought it from FLIPKART
    Is it possible to get it engraved now??
    Why was the option of engraving not available on FLIPKART??


    @Akash-Gupta The covers are in transit. You would be soon getting one. Do call our support center for further assistance.

    Engraving is an unique offering only available on creosense.com.

  • @Subodhk even I too bought from flipkart , till now I didn’t get cover , when I call to flipkart care they are saying they don’t have any information regarding this , but Sai promised me that , he will solve this issue, may I know the status now

  • @Anwesh-joshua i just contacted customer support and it seems the admins are lying here because even customer support guys don’t have any info regarding this although @Subodhk mentioned that you may contact customer support for further assistance. this seems like a vicious circle to me now. the admins are just creating the hype.

  • @Akash-Gupta subdhok mentioned to contact CREO customer support, not flipkart, I hope they will solve this issue quickly , no need to worry

  • @Anwesh-joshua i am not that dumb and fyi, i contacted creo customer support

  • @Anwesh-joshua you may try the same

  • @Akash-Gupta oh is it , then need to take immediate steps to solve this


    @Akash-Gupta Could you please drop me a mail at subodh@creosense.com? We are shipping covers to all our customers irrespective of whether they have bought from Flipkart or our own website - creosense.com. I hope all the ambiguities are cleared.

  • @Anwesh-joshua and what are those steps?

  • @Subodhk what do you want me to write in the mail?
    isn’t it clear enough in this forum or this forum is just a useless area to talk about anything?

  • @Akash-Gupta I mean they need to take action to solve this

  • @Anwesh-joshua don’t you still get it, nobody is going to take any action

  • @Akash-Gupta be patience and let’s wait upto Monday , I have confident on Sai Srinivas let’s see

  • @Anwesh-joshua i think you ordered it on the first day and got it soon. so i am assuming, it has been more than 2 weeks. when you still don’t see much update regarding it, given that creo support team also doesn’t know about it; how do you think will the covers reach you by monday? it seems strange

  • @Akash-Gupta even I didn’t get it ,

  • @Akash-Gupta i too just got off with customer support and they said they have no information regarding this.

  • @Yogesh-Gattani i already told you

  • @CREO-Team you guys need to take immediate action on this , this is very serious now I think so


    Hi Everyone

    For anyone who had ordered Mark 1 via creosense.com, you may have already received the free cover or they are in transit.

    In order to extend the same offer of free covers on buyers on Flipkart, we are currently resolving some logistical issues for buyers on Flipkart and will inform you of the date very soon.

    Rest assured, everyone who buys a Mark 1 will get a free cover.



    Like srinjoy mentioned for those of you who have ordered on our website covers were shipped along with the phone. For the ones who have ordered on flipkart, flipkart is going to ship the covers. It will take a little time because of their internal processes. We have shipped the covers to flipkart already.

    Due to the internal processes at flipkart this will take a little time. Request you all to please hold on. We request your patience in this regard.


  • Even I have not received the flip cover . From this post , Would Flipkart send us the cover which is badly needed . Please confirm or let us know how would we get this one ??

  • @sai-srinivas so can we expect the covers atleast by this week friday


    Hi @saravanan-s

    Yes, we will ensure anyone who has bought a Mark 1 will get a free cover.

    Rest assured, everyone who buys a Mark 1 will get a free cover.


    Yes, we are working towards making sure that the timeline of Friday is definitely achieved. However do note that from shipping to delivery, the dates might be different basis location. We will shortly confirm the shipping dates from Flipkart.

  • @srinjoy thank you

  • @srinjoy here is my mail id anweshjoshua@gmail.com

  • @srinjoy hi srinjoy have to sent the covers , can u send soon there is lot of scratches in backside of my phone



    Yes, Anwesh we understand your urgency and are working on getting it despatched at the earliest.

  • @srinjoy have you sent the covers ?

  • CREO Support

    @Anwesh-joshua Hi, Please share your address details at support@creosense.com along with your Flipkart order ID. Once we get your details, we will dispatch your brand new Creo back cover as the earliest.

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