Phone is misbehaving day after day

  • @administrators @CREO-Support @Product-Team I have had Mark 1 for about 5-6 days but from yesterday it is kind of misbehaving.

    1. Have reported this before too but did not get much help, the phone stays dark during a call and wakes up after 5 secs.
    2. While giving permission to apps in the accessibility menu I couldn’t press ‘ok’ but everything else was working fine. So strange! I can share a video regarding this and #1
    3. I always full charge my phone during the night and lose only about 4% battery but yesterday the battery was down to 60% from 95% and now too is draining.


    4.The speaker output is not good, the sound keeps o breaking for both notifications and songs. It’s berserk!

    1. The gesture control for music works only for play music, please try to configure that.


    @Yogesh-Gattani Yogesh, I request you to drop me a mail at I shall look into this immediately. Apologies for this inconvenience

  • Product Team


    Issues #1, #3 - We are looking into these issues.

    Issue #2 - Can you please forward the video to @Subodh-Kolhe at the earliest? It will be a great help in diagnosing the same.

    Issue #4 - Is it just Google Now which does not work when set to the Long Press action of the center button or none of the available actions work when you set them to the same? In this case as well, it would be great if you can send a video to @Subodh-Kolhe .

  • @Mr.-Wolf to @Subodhk right??
    i already mailed him 2 videos for #1 and #2
    will do the same for #4


    @Yogesh-Gattani I have received your mail. Do share the #4. We are looking into this immediately.

  • @Subodhk sending for #4, #5 and #6


    @Yogesh-Gattani sure. Do send across at the earliest.


    @Yogesh-Gattani Thanks for sending across. We are looking into the issue and will update at the earliest.

  • @Subodhk Please do!

  • Product Team

    @Yogesh-Gattani We are looking into the matter. There is one question though - For the Long Press action issue, can you please try to set the Long Press action to Open Google Now on one of the Left/Right buttons and let us know what happens?

    We need to understand if Google Now launch is an issue with only the central button or all buttons.

  • @Mr.-Wolf yup done that too, and still nothing happens.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi,

    First of all I am very thankful to you guys that you make such a wonderful phone…

    I love it and like it too much…

    But I am facing following issue with the phone…

    1. It switch off automatically with the screen blank

    2. It discharge battery quickly after the 50%… to 0% in one hour…

    3. when mobile completely switch off and battery fully discharged and connect the charger it showing 40 or 50 % battery and when it completely fully charge and turn the phone on it showing only 50% of the battery…

  • I just got my phone today.

    On setting google now, I noticed the battery drain from 33 to 17% in matter of 3 minutes or less. I’m surpised if Google Now is a battery guzzler or if the phone’s not handling the app well

  • @Mr.-Wolf @Subodhk Any solution??
    Please look into that sound issue, it’s really a nuisance, everytime the phone rings i just wish to throw it away.
    help ASAP

  • @Mr.-Wolf @Subodhk the battery just come spikes down


  • Phone Lags a lot on google launcher and contacts sucks as it shows each no seperately and even snapchat doesnot work properly and battery issues like @Yogesh-Gattani alredy said!! i have emailed several times alredy

  • @CREO-Support @administrator @sai-srinivas battery is draining very fast for 97% it showing approx 10 hrs , previously it will show 18 hours , please take this very serious and give a fix , I’m very frustrated on this I’m able upload the screen shot I will send mail separately ,need a fix badly for this otherwise phone will be useless for me

  • Hope for the fixes to the heating issue and some other defects mentioned in forum in their next releasing set of mobiles. We trust creo.

  • @Mr-Wolf @Subodhk so how much more time do you people need??

  • @Mr-Wolf @Subodhk @administrators come on folks, give me something??
    or are you really just gonna keep ignoring this??
    BTW FYI the google now problem is solved and the music gesture control works only for google play music and not for any other player, also while trying to play a song through sense it opens only in play music, so i suggest you guys configure that.
    As for the other problems let me know any thing(especially for #1 and #4, it’s real shit to deal with that)or else you leave me with no option but to return the phone.:disappointed: :persevere:

  • @Yogesh-Gattani Obviously sense and gestures would work only with inbuilt apps, how do you expect them to code this for all apps on play store?

  • Product Team


    Really sorry for the late reply but we needed to be absolutely sure about what is happening on both the software and the hardware on your Mark 1. These are our findings regarding the issues reported:

    1. Delay in the display waking up when you get an incoming call - We are aware of this issue and are working on fixes for the problem in our next update which is scheduled for next Friday, May 13th. The issue should be mitigated in this update. We are also working on major optimisations for the June update as well for the Dialler app.

    2. Permissions to Accessibility issue - It seems you are using Twilight on your Mark 1. This app modifies the display and overrides some system settings to tweak the tone/brightness of the touch-panel (of which the phone display is a part). In our testing we found that when Twilight is running, this issue arises where you cannot click OK for certain dialog boxes in the Accessibility Permissions screens. Turning it OFF (either by pausing or stopping it) resolves this issue. We are still exploring this conflict to ascertain whether it can be handled on the OS, but probably needs to be handled by the App developer.

    3. Battery draining too fast - We have tested these scenarios in our labs and found that on stand-by (like night-time when nothing is happening on the phone) the battery drop is around 4-5% over 6-8hrs. However, in the rare scenario when the WiFi is ON and not connected to a WiFi network the WiFi scanner keeps searching for a network to connect to. These leads to significant battery drain till it connects to a WiFi. We are working on a fix for the same. However, in the meanwhile, please make sure your phone is connected to a stable WiFi network at night (on stand-by).

    4. Sound breaking - The issue expressed by you seems like a hardware malfunction or a defect. While we cannot entirely confirm the same without inspecting the device, I would strongly urge you to contact our Toll Free number 1800-208-2736 or reach out to us at and choose a CREO Service Centre around you, and have your Mark 1 checked for future course of action. Be rest assured that in case of a hardware manufacturing defect not induced by accidental damage, we shall either repair it so that it functions like new or replace it with a brand new Mark 1. Also, when you will bring in your phone for inspection at the support centre, we will also thoroughly inspect the battery behaviour to see if this is a hardware issue.

    5. Gestures work with Play Music only - Currently the music gestures support only the default music app on the phone (Play Music). Developers might have implemented other music apps on the Playstore differently so extending support to all of them is extremely difficult.

  • @Mr.-Wolf

    1. Hope to see this resolved.
    2. Yes that was happening because of twilight and everything was fine after I paused it.THANKS.
    3. The battery issue seems fine now, but there were times when it just drained, though everything seems fine now and the battery is like before, drops only 2-6%. But I always keep my wifi off and turn it on only during use, at night it is always off.
    4. Actually since a couple of days the sound seems fine but only breaks initially(once). Also I don’t have any service center here(the nearest one is around 400kms away) so i will wait for sometime and then think about it.
    5. Totally understandable, if I had know before I wouldn’t have mentioned it.

  • @Mr.-Wolf the display problem during call is still present please help

  • Product Team

    @Yogesh-Gattani We have made some improvements to the dialler screen issue. Has the delay between the display turning on decreased after this update? Or you see not change at all. We are aware that there is definitely some delay there but it should be reduced from earlier.

    As for a long term fix to the problem altogether - We are working on it.

  • @Moderators @administrators @CREO-Support @Mr-Wolf @Product-Team Is There Any Way I Could Become a Beta Tester…
    And I Wanted To Know Where to get a insurance for this phn…

  • @Mr.-Wolf no man i just tried again but it’s all the same, no difference then before.

  • @Yogesh-Gattani even for me also same issue is persisting

  • @Mr.-Wolf hi guys phone is switching automatically off when reaching 50%near i have already given a email regarding this. after phone is unplugged after 100%and when it comes down to 50%or 26%or 37%(randomly) it shuts down on its own and after charging 5 mins it says like from 26%to 66%and when used again from 66%, after 60%it switches off and same process again.