Sound and Heat issue

  • I would like to know if anyone has faced issues with sound - i have got my Mark1 a day earlier and noticed sound breaks and there is no continuity and feels like break-sound. Seems fault in the phone.

    Also, second issue observed is heating as soon as we keep the screen on which is quiet unexpected.

    Please let me know if any fixes are available for this? Or i would be required to go to support centre (that would be really disappointing)

  • @Ankit
    Yes I have the same issues!

  • @Sanath-Kumar Sanath-Kumar, any suggestions? it feels more driver or mechanical then software issue for sound?
    @CREO-Support, @CREO-Team - we need your support to fix this issues soon. Thanks.


    @Ankit Apologies for the sound issue. Can you please write to me at I shall immediately look in this issue.

  • @Ankit i too had the same problem just now for a brief period.
    a strange breaking kind of sound came from the speaker at the time of notifications.
    then i started a song and the sound kept on breaking for some time but not it got resolved, so bizzare!
    @CREO-Support @Product-Team

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