BUGS: OTP is not copying properly

  • OTP is not getting copied in several instances.

    OTP Alert:
    You have initiated a txn of INR 9766.00 at Make My Tr on SBI Bank Card 4658. OTP is 966973. DONT SHARE IT WITH ANYONE. BANK NEVER CALLS TO VERIFY OTP.

    OTP Copied: 9766

    Indian Banks have different formats for sending OTP for different types of transaction. They used to send one type of alert for net banking and some other type for card based transaction. Some of the alerts contain transaction values mentioned in and numeric representation with currency symbol as INR or Rs., Based on transaction type, alert may contain either last 4 digits of card (4658) or last 4 digits of account number(XXXX0431). This may cause confusion when the system tries to read(copy) numerical OTP.

    I hope you guys can fix the bug by checking the OTP messages sent by various banks/card providers.

  • Product Team

    @sureshn Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We use a number of heuristics and rule sets to identify the OTP code from different sources. However, there is always scope for improvement! We’ll take this up as an opportunity to further our accuracy for the same :+1:

  • Thank you. :+1:

  • It is also noticed, that if the OTP SMS was received first, but if the page on which it is to be entered loaded slowly due to slow connection, then the OTP does not get copied.

    OTP get copied only if the page loads first and SMS is received after the page is loaded

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