what to do about the Mark1 heating

  • Has anyone experienced Mark 1 heating to a point that you cant hold it. Have done reset and all .

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    @krshailabh Would definitle like to help you out. Please tell me the all scenarios when you have been facing this issue !!

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    The phone heats up while taking a call, listening to music or checking email.

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    As CREO MARK 1 is a fast charging device it will get a bit warm while charging as the phone charges on a higher voltage which is true for all fast charging phones.

    Kindly ensure that you have updated the Fuel OS via the reFuel app to the latest update available (FUEL

    1. If you’re using your phone while charging you are advised not to do so. Mobile phones should not be used while they’re on charging specially for calling purposes. Temperature of the phone is generally dependent on the ambient temperature (Temperarture of the phone will be around +/- 10 degree celcius from the ambient temperatures). If you’re using your phone where the ambient temperatures are high, please move to a cooler area and use your phone.

    2. Normally the temperature shouldn’t go beyond 45-degree celsius. But the observed temperature has a huge dependence on the ambient temperature. For example, if you are using the phone in an area where the ambient temperature is more than 40-degree celsius itself.

    3. Heating while playing Games occurs when you processor runs at full capacity also if the ambient temperatures are high you might observe higher temperatures (40+) when playing games.

    If you still think that there is something wrong with you CREO MARK 1, Please write at support@creosense.com or call 1800-208-2736 or you can also chat with our technical expert at www.creosensecom/support

  • @krshailabh Have you updated the phone as soon as you received it ? Heating issues , while not charging, will be addressed by this update. … Also if you are trying to use the phone while charging avoid it… Charger supplied in the box is 7v …

  • @Sober-Barik I specifically mentioned the scenarios because i understand heating issues while gaming and charging.

    As i said the phone heats up bad while talking an i do not talk when the phone is charging i cannot keep the phone on my ears and have to use an earphone. the same is true when i am doing almost any basic function.

    I guess i will have to show it to your service centre,cannot say that i am not disappointed.


  • @Anirudha-Dhawale Yes Anirudha i did all of it the moment i received the phone and waited for two days to see if the heating goes down when it didnot then i posted on the forum.

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