LIVE PHOTO HORRIBLE Plz fix it it remove it

  • @sai-srinivas i bought dis beauty on 1st day sale. its marvellous looking phone. Watching 4k video is fun. i’m loving it. bt when it comes to camera it sucks in low light. picture quality is below avg n u cant see d detail. now abt live photo its jst horrible u guyz jst changed d meaning of it. i insist u either remove dis feature frm ur phone it make it such as Apple will envy u. by d way 3d photo is awesum. keeep doing d gud work. Best wishes fr u. Love fr creo.


    @ranjanamit997 thanks for your honest feedback sir!! We will make the fix to the live photo soon. Also we are making optimizations to the camera that will be a part of the first update. @Product-Team will tell you more about the same.


  • @sai-srinivas thnx fr prompt rply sir.


    @ranjanamit997 also can you explain what is the issue with live photo thats bothering you ??

  • @sai-srinivas it plays like i’m playing a video.


    @ranjanamit997 got it. we will fix it thanks for the detailed feedback.

  • @sai-srinivas once i click on d taken live photo it prompts me to open wid video players installed on my phone once i select it, it leads to a clip. Live photo become live video. i hope u understand d problem. thnx


    @ranjanamit997 Yup got it. We will fix the gallery experience. So that you can view it by just clicking it open :)

  • @sai-srinivas @Product-Team hv u guys improved d gallery exprience fr live photo, i doubt. got may update without solution. thnx guyz.


    @ranjanamit997 cant fix everything at one go :)
    We have noted your feedback and we are on it. You’ll see the changes in place soon :)

  • @sai-srinivas thnx fr rply. eagerly w8ng fr upcumng update.

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