Feedback on the free case that came with the phone

  • Its a standard silicone case thats thin and light with the right mix of smoothness, firmness and grippiness that makes it a useful add on for protecting the phone from bumps.

    However in terms of oomph factor you guys really dropped the ball on this one as in addition to the cutouts for the standard ports and the logo, it really needed a cutout to display the engraving; especially as I doubt there will be after market cases that will cater to this option. So as a user my current options are to use the case and cover up the engraving or go caseless to display the engraving and risk scuffs and scratches to the phone.

    If its feasible for you to make cases as I have suggested and offer them for purchase online, I would definitely be interested in buying one.

    @sai-srinivas @Bipin-Singh @Vartika-Verma @Subodhk


    @Hardik-Panjwani Thanks Hardik :) Noting down this feedback!


    @Hardik-Panjwani sorry bro. we will get something done about this. Thanks for the feedback!

  • I agree with hardhik. If you are thinking of giving a cutout please cover it with a transparent material, which will ensure engraving lasts long and at the same time it is displayed.

    If you are decide to provide all transparent cover, even that is welcome!

    Excellent work so far… Proud of you!


    @prakashtn Thanks sir!! will figure this out and get back :)