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  • Hi
    I am surya and I ordered mark1 and will be shipping after may10. I need know positives and negatives of this mobiles and any other suggestions regarding the mobile.

    Thank u

  • @Surya-Revanth @sai-srinivas @CREO-Team : I’ve received my phone yesterday. There’s a free back cover inside the box and also a letter from creo team. The packaging was really awesome. Build quality is good. It’s not bulky when compared to nexus 6’s weight. The protective cover which comes as a complement, provides better grip and feels great in hands.!! The phone has received a new S/W update about 13 MB. Since it’s new, I can’t write about performance. Camera captures stunning images. Display is crisp. Audio is good but it can be improved. There are some audio enhancement settings available which can be useful if you are using headphones. Above all, the commitment from CREO team is One of A Kind.

    Regarding Heating Issue:
    Phone is not heating up while charging. It’s recommended to charge a battery at 10% current of its capacity. For ex. To charge a 4000 mAh battery, you’ve to use 400 mAh charger for longer battery life. In Creo Mark1, the battery capacity is 3100 mAh. The Charger’s output is 1.5 to 2 Ah (1500 mAh to 2000 mAh), which is merely 50% of phone’s battery capacity. So there may be little heat but it’s not strange. It happens to all battery(rechargeable) operated devices.

    Turning off adaptive brightness or any other background based location services may avoid battery draining issues, In case if you have one.

    Thank you CREO TEAM for making android a better experience.

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    @sureshn we assure that we shall strive hard to make your Android experience better always :)

    I am sure you are loving your Mark 1! Do suggest some nifty features you would love to see on your phone soon in the coming updates.


    @sureshn Wrt Audio, we are coming with a full audio enhancement suite soon :) . I am sure you folks would love it!

  • @shubh That’d be Great :heartpulse: . I forgot to mention about the Echo. Echo messages are having great sound quality and volume levels. Echo is a much-needed feature to me.

  • Hope for the fixes to the heating issue and some other defects mentioned in forum in their next releasing set of mobiles. We trust creo.

  • heating issue is a major concern for me. in the beginning it was only during charging which is understandable but now its happening all the time that too normal usage of phone. request you guys to plz plz plz look into this asap this is ruining my experience with MARK 1

  • @CREO-Support @CREO-Team @administrators - The below are the issues I am seeing and would like to see some reply from you guys

    1. Heating issues while operating normally/using Internet/Charging/Games
    2. Does not lock 4G / 3G or 2G. It just moves around and does not lock up which works fine in other phone
    3. Display flickering when setting adaptive brightness

  • On the above comments , If I don’t see a reply soon on the issues , I might have to return the phone based on the issues I faced . Its critical on the communications and to meet the expectation of the customer . I trusted a indian product and wanted to support it and that is the only person I bought it . Please help to reply on the problems ???


    @saravanan-s Saravanan, please update your Fuel version? We have released a fix for the heating issue. Also the team is looking into the #2 and #3 issues, we will be updating shortly on them.

  • @Subodhk I did install the upgrade and still see a lot of heating issues . I am not happy with it as I see heating issues even When I keep it in my pocket .

  • @Subodhk i agree with u my main intention was to support an indian product as it sounded promising but i am facing the same issues which u hv highlighted and i am really upset having to deal with those issues which are the basic features which need to work properly on a phone… Heating issues is really disturbing
    . Hope the @CREO-Support @CREO-Team is listening to us and will find a solution for these issues

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