Run app without using data

  • I should be able to use any app without using data of my phone or wifi
    Make this configuration possible

  • @Akash-Gupta without data??? Hw could u use internet then??

  • @saran maybe I wasn’t clear enough in the beginning
    What I meant to say is something like this:

    You cannot avoid any app using Internet if you have switched it on. I want to be able to use an app for which I can restrict data even when I have switched Internet on. So, some configuration might help for this.

    Hope I am clear now. If not, please let me know.

  • Data manager kind of thing… Ryte??

  • @saran yeah that is the right word…


    Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by what’s coming up on our first monthly update! :)

  • @srinjoy any hint on the same??
    Waiting for it badly…

    Already interested in the update…
    Please take care of heating issue as well in this update. It has obviously reduced a lot after the previous update but can be reduced more…

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