MARK 1 turns up as iron box while charging

  • i just got my MARK 1 tday and while i plugged in the phone for charging the phone turned into iron box. did anyone face similar issue or is still facing heating issue.

  • @iChennadi An update has been released that fixes heating issue for most people. Are you on Fuel version

  • yes i have installed the update and i do see the difference but it still gets hot while using it and its just the normal usage not while playing games or rather would say putting heavy load on the phone

  • This is cause of the Fast Charge feature. Try charging the phone using a normal 1.5 or 2 amp charger supplied with other phones. Phone will not heat up however charge time will be more.

  • now the phone doesn’t heat up during charging. i tried to play couple of games (cricket games) and it got hot once again near the rear camera

  • I am getting the same issues while charging but I noticed that if I am on WiFi then only it gets hot n if wifi off then it doesn’t heat up a bit… Try this it might work:+1:

  • Hi Guys,

    I was facing the same heating issue while charging. I noticed that after the new Fuel OS update, its a negligible issue…

    Another thing to note is that I tried using a non-fastcharging charger and found no excessive-heating issues at all. (pic attached)


    Some other forums do mention that all fast chargers heat up the device up until a certain % of charging.

    My Takeaway:
    Don’t want heating while charging? Then use a normal USB adapter.
    Want fast-charging? Then you’ll have to deal with slight heating.

    Hope this helps!


    Please do give this blogpost a read -

    With Mark 1 we have used a higher voltage (7V) at 2 A until it reaches charges to 80% of its capacity. Post 80%, the voltage is brought down to 5V to lower down the charging rate so as to utilize the full charging capacity of your phone battery.

  • i can understand or deall with phone heating up during charging to an extent but when the phone is my pocket and gets heated up when someone is calling is something i am worried about. Even when i am using it like browsing or getting to know the settings applying them i would rather say just normal usage it heats up near the rear camera area and trust it’s not negligible if it was i would never have raised this topic at all.

  • @iChennadi yes…heating up is a big big issue as compared to other phones…tha

  • Yeah heating kills. Can you guys please if this is being looked up or should I return. I am frustrated

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