A new home screen which shows news feed

  • How about adding a new home screen (optional) which will show all the news feed from Facebook and latest news articles to keep us updated. The screen will also comprise of the place we are at and be ready to navigate. Can store the frequent contacts as well if need to.
    Also how about reply to mail by voice and mail reading.

    1. is it possible to make it multi touch via updates. If yes, kindly do the same and allow it to operate multiple tabs at once with the screen size configurable for each tab. For example, if i want to do some calculations based on a mail k receive, i can open a calculator tab and the mail at the same time on the screen and just see from the mail and do the operations on calculator.
    2. call blocking is a feature that is quite common in almost all the phones and this phone is missing it. Just from a safety perspective.

    Thats all for now will keep posting more things.

  • Why am I unable to move anything in gallery from one folder to another??
    Either provide a solution to this or include this in update. This is really a basic feature which should have always been available.

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