Improve some bugs mentioned

  • I have seen some issues which can be improved:

    1. in the data usage, when you restrict data for an app, it actually doesn’t restricts the data

    2. battery drains too fast. Obviously it gets charged super fast but that doesn’t mean it is supposed to super drain too.

    3. when I had downloaded the update, it showed that to install it, i either need to have 50% of battery or plugged in for charging but even when the device was plugged in, though the battery was less than half, it refused to reboot and install until the battery touched half of the mark.

    4. until the os update was made, the playstore didn’t update or download any new app. It kept all the download and update as pending…

    I hope these are resolved in the next update.


  • @Akash-Gupta regarding #1, data restriction seems to work fine for me. Can you give more details about which SIM you are using? And is yours a dual SIM setup?


    @Akash-Gupta Give us more details on #1, its working as expected for us.

    #2 Try putting the brightness of screen down, it still looks as awesome even with less brightness

    #3 Its a precautionary measure put in by us. We will collect feedback from users on this as we go forward and are open to tweaking it. Its not a bug :)

    #4 Not at all related to FUEL OS updates. Play services etc update based on your connectivity etc

  • @rhoadster91 I am using single Sim and the network is of airtel

  • @shubh regarding #3, obviously it’s a precautionary measure but what i mean is that the measure states it should have 50% of charging or plugged in. So, why cant it start when plugged in??
    Or it should have stated that 50% of charging and plugged in

    AM i clear now??
    That’s why it is a bug

    One more thing that I have noticed, it is surely #5 for me but maybe some might disagree with me
    Whenever my phone rings, the ring tone starts and the screen lights up after 2-3 seconds. This is surely an issue.

    The phone is surely a giant
    When can the android M update be expected??

  • @shubh one more thing that I missed to put in the previous comment, using flashlight heats the phone as hell. I hope you could take a look into it.

  • @Akash-Gupta Data restriction only restricts background data usage. If any data activity is happening on foreground, it will still be allowed. Can you specify which app it is and describe your experience about the same?

  • @rhoadster91 my bad then
    I thought that restricting the data for app restricts that app from using data
    Maybe this is an improvement then
    I don’t want a certain app to run on my data connection. How to do it?
    If not possible now, please include this in update
    Btw the app I was Using is 4pics1word

  • @Akash-Gupta currently it is not possible on Android or Fuel OS to restrict foreground data usage. This is because almost all apps rely on at least basic internet access to send data like analytics, push notification info, etc.

    But yours is a valid use-case… You could start a new post in the forum using Suggest A Feature option.


    @Akash-Gupta said:

    Whenever my phone rings, the ring tone starts and the screen lights up after 2-3 seconds. This is surely an issue.

    Will definitely look into #5 . Also we just checked internally and it was a copy issue on #3. Will be fixed in U1

  • @shubh regarding #2, even after putting brightness to minimum, i can see the battery draining very rapidly…
    Please take care of this in the next update.

  • @Akash-Gupta i have been facing similar issues.
    #5. the problem has shown up for me too starting today and takes about 5-10 secs.
    creo please help

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