[Solved] Octroi of Rs. 1200 being charged during delivery

  • I called support but there was no answer and it looks like the live chat feature is not deployed yet, so starting this thread here.

    I would like to know why am I being charged an octroi in addition to the amount I have already paid for the phone. Isn’t it Cero’s responsibility to pay all the associated taxes and charge me a final amount? And if CERO is not doing that isn’t it your responsibility to inform me at checkout that I am liable for octroi payment?

    I have refused to accept delivery today and the delivery person will be coming back tomorrow to try again, so kindly clarify this issue by today evening at the earliest.


  • @CREO-Team @administrators @Subodhk @shubh
    This is disappointing. Where do you stay? @Hardik-Panjwani

  • @harshil😮 Yes there must be final amount of product. Anf it comes including taxes.
    Only @sai-srinivas @Subodhk @CREO-Team. Can answer


    @Hardik-Panjwani Apologize for this inconvenience. Looking into this matter immediately.


    @Hardik-Panjwani We are on this Hardik, This should be sorted. our apologies for the same.

  • @harshil I live in Mumbai

    @sai-srinivas @Subodhk Thanks, waiting for an update from your end. Please note that I will be in a meeting from 5 pm to 7 pm so if you need to talk to me on the phone about this matter, kindly call me before or after that time.

  • CREO Team

    @Hardik-Panjwani Hi Hardik, Sorry for the inconvenience!! There was a small misunderstanding from the Courier partner side which is clarified now. You will receive your shipment tomorrow and will not have to pay any extra charges.


    Look forward to seeing you as a proud owner of CREO Mark 1!

  • @Bipin-Singh Thanks for the prompt resolution of the problem. Cheers!

    @Vartika-Verma Yup, same here!

  • @sai-srinivas @Subodhk @Bipin-Singh Just wanted to give you guys a heads up. Spoke to Fedex today and they are saying they need to do some paperwork again to sort out the octroi mix up and will deliver by Thursday. Will update once I receive the delivery.

  • Received the phone today, will put it through its paces and give feedback over the weekend. Cheers!


    @Hardik-Panjwani sure Hardik :) Apologizes for the all inconvenience! Also do update your Fuel OS to the latest version :)


    @Hardik-Panjwani Awesome! Congratulations on being one of the early CREO Mark 1 users! Look forward to your feedback

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