Should have face unlock and recongnizing feature.

  • Creo should have face recongnize feature which recongnize the family member by their name

  • Face unlock is possible in current version.

    1. Set up screen lock (PIN or Pattern)
    2. Open Smart Lock (can be found in Security Settings or via Sense)
    3. Click on Smart Face
    4. Scan your face (if you do it in different lighting conditions, it will work better)

    Once this is done, you can unlock the device if your face is recognized. Else it will ask for PIN/Pattern.

  • I mean to recongnize the family member who unlock the phone

  • @Rajat-Gajinkar hmm so you mean creating multiuser environment like in a desktop and then unlock user directly to their own launcher based on which face was detected?

  • Yeah bulls eye

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