Have you tried Slow motion video recording

  • Hi ,
    Have you tried slow motion video recording ?
    The quality is just average ,Thats fine but it’s not allowing to export it or share it . Other apps can’t able to load it either . .

    @administrators please help.

    @CREO-Team please look in to this issue. I have no of videos lined up to be uploaded in Instagram . .

    I can’t use the image upload or file upload option in this forum , please check on that too because it will me more comfortable for us to explain what we are talking about .


    @Pradeep-Jayabal @Product-Team @Gulsher-Singh @Rachit Hi Pradeep we are aware of this. Its an issue with the players most other apps use. We are working on giving you a fix. In the meanwhile our product team can suggest ways how to get your videos exported.

    However, quality of the videos should not have any problem. Can you tell us whether you are using slowmotion in 1/16 or slow motion in 1/4 ??


  • @sai-srinivas
    The app clearly tells that I cannot share it with 1/16th speed , so I am facing problem with 1/4th Itself . .

    ->Mostly I cannot share it , other apps though identity the file but can’t use it .
    ->Sometimes I can use it but the movie itself pixelated or skipping frames inbetween
    ->Trimming the video sometimes help to share it in Instagram .

    I am posting two links of the files I shared in Instagram , I would have tried at least 50 times each to upload them .


    PS-playing inside the gallery is just fine , though pause play button is hiding major part if the video , . please have a option to export the file within gallery itself than sharing it directly.


    @Pradeep-Jayabal Yes sir, the fix for exporting the 1/4 slow mo is coming soon. We apologise for the inconvenience caused in the meanwhile :)

  • @sai-srinivas apology accepted ;p just kidding.
    Appreciating effects taken by the company to be in touch with end users . Thank you .
    All the very best :)


    @Pradeep-Jayabal my pleasure sir!! Please keep the feedback coming. The more you find faults the faster we can fix them. Lets build a kick ass OS together :) :+1:

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal i saw your post in instagram. Simply Amazing!
    but how do you capture it, i mean i have been trying the slow motion mode but can’t get anything.
    and what’s 1/4 and 1/16??

  • @Yogesh-Gattani thank you .
    Its 1/4th , unfortunately 1/ 16th can’t be shared or used … let’s wait for fixes :)

    What you mean by you mean by can’t get anything ?

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal never mind, I got it.
    Actually I was trying slow motion video in Vlc media player so couldn’t get any result.

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