Different System Fonts

  • @administrators @CREO-Team @Feature-Ninja @Moderators

    It will be great if we can change the system fonts. The regular Font styles look too boring. If we are able to change fonts which will support every app such as whatsapp,FB,Hike it will look Fresh always. It will feel more like a New Phone Every Month.

  • Surely sounds like a feature request that can be taken up as a part of a theme that can be applied on Fuel OS as a whole.

    Having said that, I believe that Roboto is a tried and tested font for an Android based OS and it allows familiarity for a user.

  • I totally agree! I love having different fonts!

  • @PRATIK-PARDESHI excellent suggestion.
    There must be changes to feel that thing. ✌

  • But why? I am curious to understand the reasons for this.

  • @Human
    I love to have different fonts. I m using Xiaomi Mi3 and the different fonts and the possible customisation keep it fresh always. And this reason is enough for me to have different system fonts.

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