Review on Flipkart by Creo CEO himself..!!!

  • short while ago on Flipkart, I saw a review by Creo CEO (Sai Srinivas). . . . I wonder if other good reviews are also from company patrons / employees …!!!:confused:… bdw this phone is on my wish list thats why i did lil bit of research


    This post is deleted!

  • @Abhishek-Thakare @Subodhk @Vikas412 @arka2020
    Nice research… 2-3 reviews are from employees… and they are written as customers review so its not making sense to me also…
    I mean if CEO is writing any review it would be written as a review of CEO of Creo.
    And here I seen that CEO’s comment is deleted…😯😯

  • There is no big deal if they reviewed it! They’ve also been using the phone for a while and they’re honestly telling us how they feel as users of the phone!

  • @harshil … lol… technically u can but morally its like u checking ur own answer shit

    @PRATIK-PARDESHI … yes it seems those 2 - 3 reviews are either from employees or from well wishers (with mutual benefits)

    @sai-srinivas … I appreciate CEO personally replying to my comment. . my best wishes

  • but technically they are misleading the people and taking desperate measure to sell the phone!!

  • @Abhishek-Thakare If you make something really good and want to sell it, won’t you want to tell people its amazing? Wouldn’t you talk positive about it?

    It’s not that they’ve done it anonymously, their names are there too. They could’ve easily given reviews from pseudo accounts! But they didn’t. We are used to thinking that it is morally incorrect to review your own product because we always believe the person is lying and doing it just for money. I believe @CREO-Team has already shown us they care about end users.

  • @harshil … from ethical point of view … that space is for genuine buyers only… and not for biased reviews of company people who belive they have created good product…

    yes though they have not used pseudonames, but still its a case of moral curruption…

    as a genuine third party buyer i would like to see reviews of other genuine buyers and not the advertisement by company people at a place which is not meant for them…

  • @Abhishek-Thakare couldn’t agree more.
    If they want to sell their product and make a good name they have facebook, twitter, instagram and their product page and forums itself.

  • @Yogesh-Gattani , @harshil , and all other review section for buyer experience to adv the brand they has number of way even able to popular by send review unit to the reviewers,fan meetup etc…And so sad part this way if own people review then mislead customer and the real fact after few day device not get much success.Also why comment in product page use facebook,twitter but still no one get reply form their facebook also pr team not able to play upto mark …Product costly,pr team not able perform properly,only 1 device,still no fan meetup or customer connection program to much cons already now added another point that company add review by own people…Now i shall interested to watch next step by creo…

  • @arka2020 Customer connection program? I think CEO responding to each person’s messages personally on this platform here goes a long way. How can you say they are their own people adding reviews? Fan meetup kya hai?
    You want an upcoming startup to launch more than 1 device at once? No thank you, Micromax has done that enough?
    I agree with the costly part though. But still troll lagte ho tum bhaiya.

  • @Rahul-Mishra @Rahul-Mishra I think you donot idea about modern brand…You know yuplaygod they sold yuphoria personally i bought and after few day return this brand has no quality just get success customer relation…And check i am not mention that they reply one member report here i just comment first check then comment…And by only one forum creo able to cover all over pan india even if you message in facebook not get reply form creo side…

  • @Rahul-Mishra i never go for micromax for their 3rd class product range where coolpad sell 3gb ram at 6999rs they sell product at 8999 with 2gb ram…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

  • @Abhishek-Thakare Agree ethically not right … But have you seen most reviews these days on Online portals, they sure do look ‘paid’ … Who in the right set of mind would sit and post a review for a Rs 300 product with its “Pros” and “Cons” …

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