Volte, app lock & fast charging????

  • Does it support Volte??? Does it have its own app lock??? what about fast charging???

  • @Abhishek-Thakare
    Yes, it supports VoLTE.
    I guess there’s no in-built app lock. But this is really nice decision, because CREO has given the freedom to users to choose their own app lock.
    Yes, it does support fast charging and charger is also included in the box.

  • The phone comes with fast charging.I saw the live telcast

  • @Abhishek-Thakare @aniruddha-patil MARK 1 does not support VoLTE as of now. though it supports band 40. I tried my Jio SIM, unfortunately was not able to access the 4G data on this phone not even once. while my SIM works great with K4 Note (only data). But we can use the JioJoin App (hoping one day 4G/LTE works) for calling but JioJoin works only on Jio network, which means you will never be able to connect to WiFi if you want to use SIM for receiving calls. I am not sure if this phone ever will be able to support the VoLTE as it depends on antenna design, for VoLTE you need two dedicated antenna for 4G and 3G/2G. I am not hardware expert though, you can refer the below link

    So only @administrators will be able to clarify if in future if this phone supports VoLTE.

    But I have an suggestion if VoLTE is not an option then, they can achive moviing internet traffic on dedicated interfaces (wihch looks achievable for me, as I did it in one of my project) like always use Mobile network for JioJoin App and others Apps can use default interface. Which means you are keeping both WiFi and 4G ON all the time, wihch may impact on battery performance. But need to be optimised and teams strength lies there.

    Hope @administrators clarifies.

  • @Sober-Barik Can you please clarify the above concern? In future, is MARK1 ever supports VoLTE?

  • When I asked about VOLTE on CREO’s FB page… their social media guy answered that it does supporte VOLTE… this was in 1st week of April when phone was nwly launched… now i dnt know whether they were lying or they themselves didn’t know the answer.

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