Few daily managers ( data , budget )

  • I am biggest fan of miui , but now due to unstable and heavy changes in os I am tired of the brand and that’s the reason I changed to cero .
    But there are few little features which can be added to make this pH more productive.

    First in the list . data saver , and data monitor which displays the data speed always on the notification bar . And data managers to monitor the data traffic based in the data plan .

    Second , budget / expenses monitor , there are few in market which scanes the incoming msgs and gives the expenses details and bill payment . when fuel OS already monitor the SMS and categorize it then it can also be used to plan budgets inbult in pH .

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal bro i already suggested that feature with name, Data Restricted

  • @Vikas412 aww !! Sorry mate. Haven’t checked the forum yet

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal lol there is nothing to say sorry bro.
    I want to say i suggested.
    Its ok✌😀

  • @Vikas412 actually I am miui fan which got so much potential as a part of OS. But as years passed they seems to be overwhelmed by the progress and now its so heavy and sometimes irritating .
    After 4 years with miui now I am with Creo , :) .little disappointed with camera progress being an instagramer , not because of the quality of the camera but the output, camera software render .Or maybe because I miss Mi camera and few other features of miui which also include data monitor and manager .
    Expecting future updates for better camera processing app , and data manager as u said .

  • @Pradeep-Jayabal wow interesting bro i recently buy mi 4.
    If i will be first introduced with creo then i will wait for creo.
    Now i will try for mark 1

  • Will be interesting to know what @shubh thinks of the data saver mode.


    @Pradeep-Jayabal We would love to collect feedback on the camera app.

    Perhaps you can let me and @Mr-Wolf know in some detail.

  • Product Team

    @shubh @Pradeep-Jayabal Definitely. Would love to hear all the feedback and get whatever’s possible done to give all of you a great camera experience.

    There is one thing though. I suggest we do this in the Mark 1 Camera thread (one already exists). Let this one be for the Phone Manager discussion :)

  • @shubh @Mr-Wolf
    First please explain how to upload a pic here because when u click the image icon or upload icon nothing happens. :)

    Now about the camera , its very early for me to judge the camera because its been just two days since I owned the phone .
    I am using Instagram (@ pradeepjayabal) please do check them , also I am tagging #ShotOnCREOMark1.

    1, don’t know why I am seeing blurry images when u zoom the camera , though the captured image is really good. Its hard for me to focus because if this blurred render - hope there must be some technical explanation .

    2, I don’t want to compare it with other brand cameras , though it would be really nice if you guys buy a Mi3/4/5 pH and use the camera presets. Colours they process will be brilliant.
    I use vivid preset a lot for my photography .

    3, focus for macro shots really works brilliant but then autofucus makes mess. Is there a way to stop auto focus ? Please add fish eye too .
    I don’t want to dump my mobile with third part apps , I wish stock camera gives more comfort with pictures . good luck guys
    And still ,I need lot more time to create the bond with this camera before it judge it :)

  • @Mr.-Wolf sorry , I just saw your msg . .
    And yes let this thread be only about data manager .

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