Smart eye feature for readers

  • it would be good if you bring this smart eye feature , it will be good for readers actually it will never turn off the screen while reading a document or while detecting the face on mobile


    @anwesh-babu In theory, all of this is possible but leaves the smartphone with too much processing and battery drains due to use of sensors like camera etc


    @anwesh-babu I think current implementations are good enough, given the size of the mobile screen, you will be able to read through documents easily before screen going off.

  • I would like to upgrade to creo from my current samsung galaxy… However, my galaxy has smart eye feature and it really helped me a lot while reading lengthy pdf documents and kindle books . … i would appriciate if creo add this feature .

  • What exactly is smart eye feature? I also want to know more.

  • @Human screen will never turn off while reading documents , @shubh i don’t think so current implementations are enough , if we put sleep time 1 minute means , in one minute we cant read the whole document right , every time we need to tap the screen to keep screen ON,