How to get proper Benchmark Data on any phone

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    Some good benchmarking habits

    If you’re going to benchmark, it’s best to do it right. Here are a few good habits to pick up when benchmarking.

    1. Turn off all other apps: Start by shutting down all other apps to keep the draw on resources from other programs to a minimum. This insures that the benchmarking software is able to take a good measure of your device’s full performance.

    2. Make sure your device has a minimum of 90 % battery .

    3. Leave your phone idle for some time so that it cools down to normal temperature.

    4.** Do repeated runs: **You’re not just testing one-off performance. A spectacularly high or low performance mark may just be a fluke or glitch. To get a better measure of performance run a benchmark at least two or three times, to get an average of your results.

    After following above steps , I got the Antutu Score for CREO Mark1 as 53491, which is an excellent score and shows that device is highly capable of multi tasking and gaming.


  • @Ravi-Ranjan better than SD810 :relieved:

  • That score is good! With software updates and new features will the score increase?

  • No need benchmark this is just marketing part a low benchmark donot means that your device fail to done any work which able to done by highest one…

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