Call friendly echo!!! I have 1....! dea

  • Sometime we dont want someones call during certain time.
    Eg. When you are with your parents and your girlfriend calls you, but you dont want talk in that condition and on the other side you dont want to hurt anyone, so i hope this feature will help you alot. 😂
    Feature works like-
    You have to select echo for that contact and echo will do his job to stop coming call which you select.
    And it will give notification after turning off this feature.that who calls you.
    Such that no one will get hurt and you will be happy😂
    Thank you✌

  • @Vikas412 quite funny 👍 then someone would say a feature which tracks with whom your partner is talking on social apps or whom your child is dating or if he /she is watching some kind of movies 😂
    not related to call friendly echo but a family friendly feature 😜

  • @mshweta LOL😂

  • @mshweta call friendly means, it dont hurt caller. (Best friends)

  • Product Team

    @Vikas412 - Correct me if I didn’t understand correctly, but how would this be different from you just sending your girlfriend’s call to echo and then get the voice message from your girlfriend?

    Are you suggesting that you would want to send all calls from a particular contact to echo automatically for some amount of time and then when you switch it off, get all the voice notifications?

  • @Mr.-Wolf no
    Sometimes we dont want someones call or particular call.
    So insted of switching off phone or silenting phone there must be another way to stop coming calls which we dont want to come (Not Blocking).
    Eg. When we are at home with our parents.
    And we dont want to accept or even call by girlfriend, and we dont want to hurt caller also.
    So it works like, turn notification off in whatsapp or any messaging app. After switching off this function it will display all notifications.
    That the no you toggle for this function if calls you then it will remind you after swutching it off
    Thank you✌

  • @Mr.-Wolf i mean this feature will work likr,
    Turn notification off, for phone number.

  • We all love features that make us more lazy! Cheers to this feature suggestion also ;)

    @Mr-Wolf I am sure you shall agree? :D

  • @Human lol thanks😂✌

  • Product Team

    @Vikas412 @Human I am sorry to say that I still did not understand the request fully :(

    Sorry for the long post, but wanted to be crystal clear about what you guys are talking about.

    Vikas said -

    “So insted of switching off phone or silenting phone there must be another way to stop coming calls which we dont want to come (Not Blocking).”

    The part I am having difficulty in understanding is the “stop coming calls”. Currently when there is an incoming all arriving on the phone, you can do the following things as a user:

    • Answer the call :p
    • Ignore the call (in this case the person calling you will continue hearing a ring)
    • Reject the call (the person calling you hears a message from the operator that you are busy)
    • Reject call with a message (the person calling you gets a text as well)
    • Send call to Echo (the person calling you hears a message and then leaves a voice recording)

    When you say “stop coming calls”, even if you as a user do not hear the phone ringtone, the person who is calling you will continue to hear it over the call. I think you don’t mean this, since this is just like setting your phone to Silent/Vibrate only.

    The issue with this entire thing is that when a person calls you, Fuel can definitely stop it for you and tell you later via a notification; however the person who is calling you needs to hear something else - other wise it’ll just be like Reject/Ignore. Do you want to make the person feel that your phone is unreachable (no network case) so that they don’t feel bad about you not picking up the call? We can probably look into it.

  • @Mr.-Wolf no
    During silence or vibrating phone call. Call will display while coming.
    And feature which i suggested will work like.
    It wont show anything during call. When you the feature is toggle.
    And when you off it, it will show you if the there will be call by that no.

  • @Mr.-Wolf it will work foe only the phone numbers you mentioned to this feature.
    It is like blocking.
    But we never block our girlfriends phone number😜✌

  • @Mr.-Wolf i am really sorry if i failed to explain✌

  • Product Team

    @Vikas412 No worries. Let me ask a very simple question - What will your girlfriend hear on the phone when she is calling you and you have this mode switched on?

  • @Mr.-Wolf i am with my family. I will call you later or else text me.
    This words
    And if she texts, then it will reach to us by stoping this feature. Means no disturbance will occur.

  • @Vikas412 I think your girlfriend /girlfriends calls you too often 😜

    From what I understand is you mean is a feature which allows you to actually block the person for sometime but the caller/sender should not know that you blocked their calls/msgs,etc. (feeling hurt concept) its just like turning off or pausing them for somtime while your phone is in someone’s hand or you are in front of your parents/relatives etc. for eg. if someone is browsing using your phone and suddenly you gf sends a text or call it will automatically go to a place in the phone which can be accessed later after you turning on or unblocking that particular contact and its sends a message to the caller to call back later by sending a personalised message like ’ In danger zone call you later baby’ 😜
    Have I understood it 🤔

  • Product Team

    @Vikas412 Cool! Finally :D This is definitely worth exploring this to see what we can do here.

  • @Mr.-Wolf thank you so much. ✌😀

  • @mshweta cool you explained this feature in better way than me.
    Really thank you so much for explaining.
    I dont have girlfriend (lol)😂✌

  • Product Team

    @Vikas412 Thank you for helping us #MakeBetter :D

  • @Mr.-Wolf its my pleasure sir and thanks to @mshweta

  • @Vikas412 Welcome 👍 I tried to interpret it in a simpler language 📝
    if this feature is introduced I am sure you will get one 😎

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