Adaptive Profile change - automated profile changing !

  • Suggesting for an Adaptive Profile setting.
    what I imagine:- Profiles would be automated according to the usage. A person when at office for certain hours puts his required profile setting and this gets continued for couple of days or a week… and then the device reads the owner’s behaviour and set the profile based on the history. similarly, alarms, etc… if a person is a regular visitor to a temple, he can just try putting it to Flight mode for a couple of days during his visit and later the phone will go into flight mode automatically. .
    I haven’t heard of such an option on any other mobiles, please correct me in case this is already available in the market…

  • Product Team

    There are a few solutions for something similar on the playstore (search for "Profile switcher), but going by their user reviews all of them have their pros and cons.

    Having said that, it does seem like an interesting idea. What would you say is the most important part of the automatic profile switching that you are suggesting - the volume/sound aspect or the fact that you should not get any calls/messages for that particular time/place?

  • Thanks for your time :)
    It is not only the sound profile…but yes, as the first step, let us think about only sound profile.
    This should be completely depended upon the device usage. there should not be any custom/default setting for profile if the adaptive profile is selected. Adaptive profile should be similar to the custom settings, but, here whatever settings the user does, will be recorded(gathered as information) for drawing a pattern.

    System reads the history, and based on the pattern, it decides what is the appropriate sound profile for any given time. the information gathering time can be a couple of weeks or a month.

    Usage: Holistic adaptive device.
    eg-1: incoming calls from certain numbers(unknown) are not answered, knowingly. so, after a number of disconnects, the user do not have to disconnect the call from that particular number. Device itself decides to mute their call or even disconnect(first time, device mutes the ring and shows a msg, asking the owner’s permission whether to disconnect or continue muting the ring)
    eg-2: as a habit, the user clears the cache memory of multiple apps in a particular interval. CREO device reads this user’s behaviour and does it automatically and shows the result.
    eg-3: as we discussed my first example of being at office or in a temple premises, the phones gets to silent mode or the appropriate mode derived from the owner’s behaviour.
    Is this something like AI? not sure…but, certainly it will be like the owner’s real companion.

  • I remember using profiles of cyanogen’s inbuilt profiles app which had triggers like gps based, wifi ssid based, Bluetooth ID based events like on connect, on disconnect. Also gps, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth can be controlled through profile.

    This would be great to have in fuel OS.


  • The feature being suggested here seem me to be a combination of launchers like everything me and aviate and task management apps like ifttt… Tough ask but a deal clincher, would change the way we use mobiles… Why not give a shot?

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