Self-powered / charging phone

  • This may sound a little dreamy but a feature like self power / charge will give away dependency on chargers and power banks and running out on batteries while travelling / power cuts knowing how much a person is hooked on to his /her smartphone in a day and how it has taken over our lives. More applications and technologies stuffed in the device definitely required more processing energy which discharges the battery :battery: soon. So some technology which can charge the phone through our voice vibrations or tapping the touchscreen or with some mechanical force / pressure :hammer: which will generate electric current and charge the device :iphone:

  • @mshweta😂 its too advanced

  • @Vikas412 i saw this on discovery.
    While walking we create vibrational and static electricity. Which can be used to charge phone.
    They used sneakers with LEDs which glow due to this electricity.

  • @Vikas412 agreed not at this early stage but can be kept as an option. In the race of technology and birth of new devices every day advance and innovative thinking will only make one sustain / rule the market. Any business comes with a vision to sell / deliver / stay strong / rule / give something different than the existing to the market and most importantly to make profits :moneybag: :smile:
    Charles Darwin’s Survival of the fittest is to be practiced to see success and sustenance :white_check_mark:

  • @mshweta wow.
    Awesome thinking. 😎✌

  • @mshweta yeah this can be best charger.
    With own electricity 😂✌

  • Just a thought: go back to old school … how an automatic watch gets it’s power? the similar stuff can give some light to the above mentioned concept initially. This is completely mechanical but, I think it is possible. .

  • Hey, was thinking …that automatic watch mechanism is also not required…Casio uses something called tough solar which help the watch to charge it’s battery using just a candle light…so, the upper and lower portion of the screen(the black area) can be used to place such tough solar cells and some amount of power would be generated !

  • @pgsmenon sounds interesting was not aware of this.thanks for enlightening 👍the product design team and the technical person have a task for sure to incorporate this if they ever take a decision to make this.

  • @mshweta Thnx n yea, let’s see…if they at least read it or not :smile:

  • @pgsmenon by typing @administrators
    @Subodhk @Mr-Wolf @sai-srinivas
    Our feeling will reach to them😂✌

  • @mshweta @pgsmenon
    You can google it for this type of charger.
    I founf AMPY Charger it is really best. ✌

  • Well, such technologies require high level of R&D. Your idea is quite nice, but it requires some big effort, money and innovation which only companies like Google can afford. (Google X for example.)

  • @aniruddha-patil well, let’s hope, the CREO team becoming one of the major mobile technology providers in the world…
    @administrators @sai-srinivas what say ?

  • @pgsmenon It will the Golden-Day for INDIA!!!

  • @mshweta I Believe that then would mean our actions will charge the device… and then someday we will act accordingly towards charging it… It may mean both good and bad for our evolution

  • @ButWhy It is only for charging 🔋the device and not doing anything destructive 💣(but yes individuals may do good and bad if they want too 😜).this will need to go through a lot of R&D🔬 to come up as a successful implementation and in a cost effective way so that most masses can enjoy it. We hope for the best in future and hope @CREO-Team will make our dreamy 🤓concepts turn into reality 👍

  • @mshweta maybe, Then people will have charging sockets inside them to charge their phones? Matrix may be real

  • @ButWhy :smiley: not really Matrix but some materials produce electric charges when they come in contact with each other like glass rubbed with fur or silk , nylon, rubber, skin and so on. The device body needs to be made such which on touch with our fingertips can produce electric charge which will automatically charge the phone may be not all the time but whenever the battery is about to discharge. Just some thought not a deep dived thinking if this is possible or not possible.

  • @mshweta Its possible…
    Like Body heat,converting the roads into wireless solar energy transmitters,
    And I believe self charging will be a reality in around 5 years max

  • The back of the phone is flat and in some cases (Creo?) covered in glass, it is not inconceivable to have a solar panel to charge (or augment the charge) of the battery. I think there were some phones of that type available too. Don’t know what happened to these.

    Maybe in future, there will be phones that have the solar panels built into the display (like in a solar powered watch).


    You guys are way more crazier than i thought, really happy to be in your company :) :+1:

  • @ButWhy 👍 that is a great news.In this 5 years I hope to see Creo introducing a self powering device will be a relief from messy wire chargers and power banks…

  • @sai-srinivas
    Thank you for the kind words 😀 when the boss himself says he is happy to be in our company feels like we received a double digit hike(very unlikely scenario in today’s world 😜) & unexpected promotion 😎
    We will keep on posting such crazy ideas .What say @Vikas412 @pgsmenon

  • @mshweta no two ways about it…if there were no crazy ppl before, we would not be using devices like cell phones, cars, etc… :)

  • @mshweta yes.
    It will be my pleasure to contribute with you cool friends for creo. ✌

  • i would like to know the SAR as it is not mentioned anywhere.

  • @mshweta I heard CREO is shipping the mobile flip cover for the CREO phones now, anyway, irrespective of this being true, there is a simple way to add the thin film solar panel (check out at the back of the flip cover and then connect the Micro USB to the phone to charge it simply by placing it face down during the day, agreed the charging will be fairly slow, but hey we get usually 8 - 10 hours of light everyday right?

  • Product Team

    Amazing ideas guys :)

  • While it is not impossible completely but makes phone costly and bulky. But partial power supply can be provided via two ways :
    1 back side solar which is detachable and two battery is needed in this case. One will be still attached in the phone which continues to supply power to keep it on with minimal services on ie. Power saving mode. Another battery is attached to that back side solar panel. I do not support direct sunlight into phone as there are components which may damaged by UV . ie. EEPROM.
    Now as usual solar charged battery
    Another way is harnessing ambient energy from RF. It may be WiFi or GSM or may be combination of both. Although the power output to battery will be less but it can actually at least slow down discharge (relatively, as if you had opened vent of a tank and putting water by a pipe, looks like slowing down) by continuous power supply to battery.

  • @Anupam-Datta bro google it.

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