Heating issue in CREO

  • have read couple of reviews , users faced heating issue while charging and playing games ,will it be solved in upcoming MAY 13 update
    , if heating issue is solved , it would be the killer phone for sure , please solve this ASAP , i am waiting for my phone

    below are the reviews which i have read

    1. we did notice slight heating on the upper portion of the back panel while using the camera extensively or when playing a game, but the Mark 1 remains cool the rest of the time

    2. The CREO Mark 1 does get easily warm on charging even when using a standard power bank, it does well get heated while the fast charging is on. Similar is the case with gaming where the phone is heating to an extent where you can easily feel that,

  • I got an unit today. Heating issues are there… The back of the phone gets warm and I have reported to support

  • i got the device today , while charging with standard charger itself the phone is burning , while browsing phone getting warmed need to fix this issue ASAP

  • I think This issue can overcome by rooting phone.
    Bcz i recently buy Mi4, you will never trust but i think it heats like pan.
    But my brother root mi4 and now it is not heating and battery life also increases.
    So this can be solved by rooting.
    Thank you✌

  • Even phone heats so much after browsing for some time

  • @Satyanarayana-Rachapudi 1st of all creo use mediatek powerfull processor with qhd screen so a light heat in this combination and i think next update solve this…
    2nd point also effect ambient temperature this is mainpoint for India .in India normally temp 35,40,45 or some time soo high .in thiscase when user use a phone in non ac room ambient temp 30-35 normaly .now whenstart using phone also warm up.
    3rd today all we know about poor signal this also effect…if in your area signalis not good mobile send more power to antenna to get signal and process alsotake much speed.so became heat up…

  • If your smartphone is rooted you can use the best App known as Greenify where you can choose which processes you want to kill after you quit the application. Greenify is a great tool to manage overheating as well as improve battery life. It can close Facebook and whatsapp which tend to use lot of Ram and at times keep the processor busy with useless work
    @anwesh-babu @sai-srinivas @Mr-Wolf @arka2020

  • Since the update, there is a noticeable drop in the heating (top of the phone back used to feel quite warm earlier)
    I am sure other phones heat up as well, but as the Mark1 is fully glass, the dissipation is slower and hence it feels warmer than normal.

  • @Abhishek-Ghaté I am still having heating issues. I am having fuel os

  • @Satyanarayana-Rachapudi it is heating much lesser than before for me.
    As pointed by someone else, network connectivity is a large contributor to heating. Browsing while moving in a cab, for example, can take a lot of ‘network search’ processes. Data roaming can cause the same problem. Using location while navigation is another culprit.

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