Wake up / Alert Alarms to be set based on "Location" and not "Time"

  • Travel / Sleep friendly feature::train2: :trolleybus:

    While traveling specially if it is an overnight journey and our final destination is to arrive sometime in very early morning we normally set an alarm based on time when we want to getup instead of that if location alarm can be setup which with the help of GPS :satellite: can track the location and run the alarm accordingly.

    For instance - If i am scheduled to reach my final destination :sunrise_over_mountains: at 3 am in the morning and i setup an alarm :watch: at 2:15 am to wrap up and be ready to get off but due to some reason my final destination is still to arrive after 1 hr. or 2 hrs. later the scheduled time or it arrives before the scheduled time in any of the cases my alarm will still run at the time i have set it up in the phone. By adding such feature the alarm can be setup according to the “Location” and not " Time". GPS :satellite: can track the location and run the alarm when it reaches or about to reach that particular location with sufficient time to be prepared. This way the time dependency will minimize and a person can conveniently manage his journey / sleep / arrival time during odd travel hours.

  • @mshweta Really nice feature.
    Because this will make creo mark 1 different from other phones. 👏✌

  • @Vikas412 and also we can set reminders for location.
    Eg. When i reach to Mumbai, it will remind me to eat Special dishes of mumbai and many more like do shopping at here means after reaching to mumbai it will remind me to go to the places which i set in reminder like when i go to mumbai it will remind me or force me to go to taj hotel.

  • @Vikas412 yes this feature will make MARK 1 stand out of the crowd and well appreciated by those class who are on constant travels to alien places as eating and shopping in a new place is a challenge each of us face :thumbsup:

  • @Subodhk Hey friend can you do voting for best suggestion (poll).✌

  • There is a Google app called “Keep” that does something like this.

    It’ll be good have it in-built and integrated with the rest of the system.

  • yes inbuilt app will be great. With more features and options.:v: