[Solved] NFC for Creo Mark 1

  • Hey Guys, I am posting this for all who feel NFC as a drawback in Creo Mark 1

    while researching the need of NFC, I found an article with 3 other options to add NFC to non- NFC phones.

    Among all the three I think this one will work.

    Turn your non-NFC phone into an NFC-enabled phone using an NFC Micro SD card

    Many smartphones these days have an option for adding extra memory, except iPhone perhaps. Among those options, Micro SD is a popular choice, since they’re small, flexible and currently add as much as 64 GB of extra storage to your cell phone. The good news is that there is more than one NFC-enabled Micro SD in the marketplace for your choice.

    Device Fidelity’s In2Pay Micro SD solution was the first to market. It works on Symbian, Windows mobile 6.x or Blackberry. As Android is the real selling point for many, the company has also added support for it. This NFC Micro SD solution has an integrated software-controlled antenna and uses a browser UI which requires no software to be installed on your phone. Visa has certified DeviceFidelity’s In2Pay NFC micro SD add-on, so you may use PayWave on your now NFC-enabled phone. But in fact, this is not the only option.

    Typhone may not be the first company to introduce an NFC Micro SD solution, but its NFC-enabled Micro SD solution is ISO 14443/MIFARE compliant, which means it meets the NFC Forum’s specifications. The solution is designed to be compatible with MasterCard PayPass or Visa PayWave. A secure element is also embedded inside the Micro SD card. Typhone states on their website that their solution will work “on ANY mobile phone using ANY network operator infrastructure” — a bold claim for sure.

    Netcom, a Chinese manufacturer, has also demonstrated its solution at Computex 2011. The solution adds to the NFC Micro SD concept by adding a USB interface, but on the company’s website it only states that this function is supported by Windows. Hence, Mac users may not be able to plug the solution into their iMacs just yet. Netcom’s NFC SD card is also SDHC compliant, which will be good for some users who have the larger SD slot, as they can use a converter and still enjoy some sweet NFC payments action.

    Source : http://www.rfid-blog.com/?p=649

  • Option 2 Turn your non-NFC phone into an NFC-enabled phone with an NFC SIM Card

    This has to be made by our cellphone Careers - Which we can’t expect soon.

    Option 3 Turn your non-NFC phone into an NFC-enabled phone with NFC stickers

    Its a single purpose NFC chip. Can be used only for payments.

    I am looking for websites where I can buy it.

    If any one have tried it or know where to get it, please leave a link it will be useful for every one.

    We can also ask CREO to built a software for that SD card so who ever prefers NFC can use it.

  • @vijay Creo did promised to send new updates and software’s. So I think its possible.

    Hey Creo Admin Can you respond to this thread and say if its possible.


    Thanks for your suggestion vijay. Its a good idea indeed. @Gulsher-Singh will look into this and get back to you. I am kinda traveling today so wont have internet access regularly :)

  • @Gulsher-Singh Waiting for your response…

  • @Product-Team @vikas123 @Subodhk @Abhishek-Gupta @Vishal-Bhatia @Pradeep-Jayabal @administrators @lokesh5022 @Faisal-Shaharyar @TECHOLOGY @Gulsher-Singh @dhireshn @hemanth-kumar @bhumit-mittal

    Creo Team, Please let me know if this is possible.

    Member’s please post your comments and share it as mush as possible so that everyone know about this and support.

    I believe NFC is possible in Mark 1

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