Optimised phone security - Iris Scanner which will complement the Retriever function.

  • I would suggest for a scanner to unlock the phone using it’s front camera and it will scan the owner’s iris. Only then will it unlock and as fast as within 0.5 seconds. Also, with the multiple profile(login) options, multiple users can register their Iris as pass-codes for their respective profiles and there can be one single profile which would be considered as Admin and his Iris image should be enough to manage all other profiles(in case)… This can be used to lock messages, files, pics, etc…but not sure how the front camera can be switched on alone before the phone gets unlocked :)
    Similar function can be used for the Retriever application as well to identify the thief’s details, like, take picture of the person who try to unlock the phone and send to the owner’s email(just an additional feature for Retriever app).