Should you buy Creo mark 1

  • Should you buy

    Yes, if you like customizing your phone and ensuring that your phone looks different as soon as you switch it on. The Creo Mark 1 offers both of these out of the box. Plus, it seems like good value for money given specs and features, especially the QHD screen. Overall, the Creo seems to have achieved a decent value-for-money smartphone. Now to see if they can deliver on their promise of a new phone every month.
    Really best handset with unbeatable features. Hats off for Sense:pray:
    Thank you:v::smile: :smile:

  • Really This first phone of company.
    And excellent attempts by creo.
    Special powers(features)
    2.3D photo

  • @helpbot yea bro. āœŒ

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