[Feature Suggestion] Activate different events by pressing two capacitive buttons in combination.

  • @shubh My suggestion is to have a feature where I can choose to assign a customisable event to be triggered by pressing a combination of capacitive buttons, similar to taking a screenshot, but basically with any button combination of my choise and event of my choice.

    For example, I should be able to call home by pressing the left and right capacitive buttons together, from any screen.

    Another random thought would be suing pattern presses, like combination moves in games. I press the left button twice and then right and it clicks a photo without even displaying the camera app.

    So I’m talking about really efficient and useful events that can be triggered by user customised combination button presses.

    I would personally love to be able to simply call home by only pressing the 2 buttons together. It’s faster than speed-dial.