Speedbooster,CMSECURITY ,360 security like feature,with out need for 3rd party app

  • We would really love to have a feature built in the phone,that does away with any other third party app for security and system optimization.There are apps like cm security,360 security,that act as antivirus as well as system optimiser.So how about an inbuilt feature that optimises battery,clears RAM,provides anti virus ,as well as prevents unauthorised entry (when some one tries to snoop or hack the device remotely).

    1. Android 6 has doze mode to optimise battery,it is even improved in android N,so if we could have some of its features,it will be great.This device uses a Mediatek SoC,which may or maynot be easy on battery ,so a feature llike that would really be nice.
    1. Also ,an anti virus ,anti malware without the need of 3rd party app like avast,malwarebytes, or 360security/cm security,it would really be great.Almost essential.thay even have one touch speed booster like feature,we kind of need that in this device.taht would be really a nice inclusion.

    3 ) ram cleaner or speed booster that clears junk files,optimises storage ,even the feature of one touch boost ,like in asus phones.

    Just a suggestion, hope these features come in next update.
    Even thought of a name for the one app to do it all - how about “CREOSECURE”.