[Solved] Bugs causing poor performance

  • Sir, I just came across a gaming review and looks like software is not working as expected. The games are lagging, even Temple Run 2 is lagging badly.

    Mark 1 requires a quick bug fix update.

    Watch this video, Please.


    Hi Anirudhha,

    This particular issue has been solved. Please note that:

    1. Temple Run is the only game that has an issue. Its not the phone, but this game is not optimized for Mediatek Chipsets. We have raised this bug with MTK and this issue will be solved.

    2. Every other game will run smoothly without an issue. For example take this video made by another blogger:

    3. If there are any further issues we will fix them in the next update be rest assured.

    Sai Srinivas

  • @sai-srinivas Ok, thank you Sir.👍

  • @sai-srinivas thanks for the quick update! Good to see quick responses.

    Waiting for my order to be processed by Flipkart :(

  • Yea even i saw this video on youtube just now. And this arises a question wether i have ordered the right phone?

    In the video it shows lag in all the games played.

  • @lalkrishan-singh Don’t worry mate. This hardware is capable enough to run anything, it’s same as Le 1s.

    And as explained by Sai Sir, if any issue arises in feature, they’'ll surely sort it out. Being a Stock Android device it’ll be much easy.

    Trust me, even my ZenFone had some serious issues when it was newly launched. But, now it’s all good.

  • @PRATIK-PARDESHI Here. This thread is already answered by Sai Sir. You can rest assured.

  • just i read review by 1 user in flipkart, he says phone is heating too much ,

    i am not sure i have ordered right phone or not ?

    Looks gorgeous rest the usual
    Received yesterday evening, spent close to 5-6 hours.

    Cons: The usual heating issue - while charging it is warm, surfing on WiFi for 30 min boils :(, 4G same issue, played movie for about 15 min same heating issue.
    Poweramp for music play - Apple earpods disturbance on high volume, not at all happy with it.
    Games - I am not much interested in games so didn’t tried.
    WiFi - Connectivity on WiFi, seems taking time while processing the requests(I should check with other ISP then I can say)
    Quite bulky not feeling comfortable in hands & slips easily.
    AnTuTu Score: 32338
    No headphones should have provided.
    Price tag is kind of for QHD, Apps and future updates?
    Accessorries like tempered glass front/back - no idea when would be available?

    Gorgeous QHD display and viewing angle are good
    Camera: Captured cool pics
    Build quality: Premium
    Lets see future updates what they’ve promised which is something new face.

    Overall I feel that One Plus 2 is good option. (Collapse



    The phone only heats up marginally during fast charging. This is a standard with any phone, try S6 for example. When you charge the phone at high voltage it heats up, but be rest assured that this is within the acceptable limits and it automatically cools off after the first 15 - 20 minutes of charging.

    The upside of fast charging is that in 60 minutes you get close to 75 - 80% charge which is amazing. IN general use you will not find this to be an issue. So please be rest assured of this.


  • @sai-srinivas Thank you buddy , just now i received my mobile , will post my review by today or tomorrow

  • Product Team

  • @sai-srinivas i got my phone , phone is looking very gorgeous , every thing is good expect heating , while charging phone is burning , while browsing and while doing calls phone is warm ,
    it is not expected , i feel that i did wrong by purchasing this phone , please release an update to fix this heat issues. otherwise phone is very good


    @anwesh-babu the phone comes with fast charging feature. SO when you charge the phone the phone charges very fast one of the side effects of this , is that the phone heats up.

    Please be rest assured this is a standard thing and is completely within the acceptable limits. All phones which support fast charging feature will have this same side effect.

    Regarding the phone being warm when you play games/make calls. We are releasing an update tomorrow/day after please try soon after that.

  • @sai-srinivas thank you , but i am using only standard charger , not fast charger

    please confirm me that in the box which you have guys provided standard charger or fast charger


    @anwesh-babu the charger we gave in the box is a fast charger. it charges your phone very fast :)

    80% in 60 minutes.


    @anwesh-babu does that answer your question ?? Incase you are not comfortable with the heat during charging. I suggest you use a standard android phone charger rated 5v 1.5A (available with most phones which do not support fast charge) . Happy to help with anything you may need :)

  • @sai-srinivas thank you i will try and let you know


    Sure Thanks!

  • @sai-srinivas I tried with standard charger it getting warm but not burning ,still heating issue is persists after updating yesterday update (,


    @Anwesh-joshua yesterday’s update was for more for performance. You’ll notice that your performance would have improved and reduced heating in general usage.

    Also I’m putting a vote in a few days on the forums. If you guys want fast charging removed we can look into it.

  • @sai-srinivas while general usage only like playing games , making calls phone is getting warmed , I hope it will be solved in further updates

  • YES LOT OF BUGS… Poor Reception of Mobile Signals + NO Internet Reconnectivity …


    @Anwesh-joshua This should have been fixed in this update let me know if you are still facing this issue.


    @Satyasai-Gudimetla I have replied to you on the other thread. This seems to be an issue only with your phone sir. We will attend to it asap. Please reach out to us on our support line or write to me. We will help you ASAP! My apologies for this issue.

  • @sai-srinivas 0_1461554959558_Screenshot_2016-04-25-08-57-46.png
    Please don’t remove fast charging. Instead implement charge current controler app that can be used to control charging currents and fast charging.

  • @sai-srinivas @administrators @Moderators @CREO-Team
    Thanks Sai Srinivas Garu for calling & understanding the issues.
    Really appreciate your time and valuable inputs.


    @Satyasai-Gudimetla my pleasure sir!

  • @sai-srinivas yes still phone is getting warmed after this update also

  • @sai-srinivas we need flip cover for creo badly , please take any steps to arrange the same ,


    @Anwesh-joshua we are giving free covers to everyone :) you’ll get them soon

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