Voice activated Virtual Assistant

  • I am not sure if that’s possible in this phone. But if its available it will be so cool. Instead of pressing/ long press a button and activating virtual assistant. If a voice activated virtual assistant is available it will be nice. like “Jarvis” with option to change the virtual assistant’s name.

  • Check this for more info “http://www.macworld.com/article/3039302/ios-apps/meet-hound-a-hands-free-virtual-assistant-thats-smarter-and-faster-than-siri.html” I really like this feature can Creo Build it.

    Guys I need support from everyone. Please support and share your ideas aswell… Thank you

  • Similar to “Ok google” “ok hound”, with customizing option to change the name of the virtual assistant. If we made it we can get lot of upgrades and additions to it. Its futuristic combined with Creo wearable’s .

  • @vijay hey bro.
    It looks awesome.
    Latest tech.
    But creo mark 1 have special powers(features) -
    4.3D photo.

  • @Vikas412 , Yeah having all these activated via voice. will be nice too…

  • @vijay bro i just install hound and soundhound app. But really this apps are awesome.
    And our sense is also cool.

  • @Vikas412 Is sense voice activated. I thought its kind of global searching tool. How was your experience with hound did it worked hands-free.

  • Instead of just a faster Virtual assistant, why not a customisable virtual assistant? it is not depended upon any language(may be, for the first update, it can support only english, Hindi, and one more popular language). that too, customisable by slangs. the software would show similar words and then we can set that particular word / words for a particular action…here the difference is, the same software will act as different personality with respect to it’s owners…

    HI Everyone, this is my first post… after reading the above posts, I thought of sharing my view…

  • Yep, It would be nice

  • @vijay yes it works good
    Ok hound.

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