Driving mode By echo

  • Echo is the best feature of mark 1.
    So many smartphone users drive car.
    I think if there will be driving mode in mark 1 it will be helpful.
    In this feature we can do so many things.
    There should be 2 types
    1.Car mode (4 wheeler)
    2.Bike mode (2 wheeler)
    In car mode the home screen will give only important things to use by displaying.
    And someone calls you echo will detect car mode and response to call.
    We can give location also with echo to caller.
    And if you give preferance to some important peoples it will notify you… For eg Boss calls you it will just rings normal.

    And in bike mode, it will do some same things like car mode.

    Actaully this features are related with echo.
    Bcz in our country so many vehicles accidents are due to phone.
    So nothing is important than our life.
    So this feature will make you friendly with driving
    Thank you.✌

  • @Vikas412 a nice feature

  • @saran thank you. ✌

  • @Vikas412 super interesting :clap:

  • @Human thank you✌

  • @Vikas412 Nice one. This feature will be immensely useful for commuters.

  • @aniruddha-patil yes.
    Thank you for response. ✌

  • Actually i failed to explain this feature 😀.

  • Product Team

    @all This is definitely a great idea. We have been thinking on similar lines here at CREO. :)

  • @Mr.-Wolf cool. ✌

  • This is best suggestion! Imagine an Echo mode in which all calls go to Echo

  • @Human yes🙌
    Thank you so much for your response✌

  • Product Team

    @Vikas412 @Human I think you guys are going to love the the update that’s coming on May 13th ;)

  • @Mr.-Wolf😍✌

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