WOW 1st Update of Creo mark 1: 13th MAY

  • Really this features of creo mark 1 are
    really really good.
    That echo, sense, call forwarding, retriver and such best of its camera.
    I watched that keynote by @sai-srinivas really it was fantastic.
    Actually i was thinking that this features will be common but, creo makes me wrong. When i saw that video then i think i am common.
    So special thanks to @CREO-Team and all users for bringing such great product.
    Actually creo have special spec though.
    Like 3GB of ram, 32 GB Of internal storage, 21 MP camera and 534 ppi…
    Really this specs are enough for a smartphone user. Except pro players. 😂
    Plz see this video of keynote.
    They give detailed information of all the features and 1st update information.
    Thank you. ✌

  • Also miss a lot i think next version include your ideas in hardware also in os…

  • @arka2020 ohh that seems great✌

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