Network speed indicator

  • Network speed indicator
    I dont know that wether creo mark 1 have netowrk speed indicator or not.
    But i think It is useful feature, for Network users.

    In built cleaner
    There must be in biult cleaner for cached and junk memory.
    Bcz there are so many apps on playstore for this job… But all are nearly same and useless for me they itself consume memory(junk). So inbuilt app by creo will be good thing.

    Network Restricted
    This feature will help the users with limited data plans.
    And it will give preferance acording to need.
    I know that when there is less data remaining external things warn us.
    But this feature will be helpful.

    Thank you. ✌

  • This is super imp. Good suggestion. I hope the team is hearing us. @Gulsher-Singh

  • @Human thanks ✌

  • @Human @Vikas412

    I said them about permission manager which can control apps for this purpose. Got this reply.

  • Ok✌ thanks for your response