7 nifty features, which should be implemented in future.

  • i am going to state some good and nifty features , from other mobiles and even out of my mind or just from the comments.

    1. GESTURES- there should be option for enabling motion gestures like shake to open flash , turn your display down to reject incoming and outgoing calls and also mute the ringtone, swiping the status bar to toggle the brightness,etc.

    2. PHONE MANAGER- this kind of feature is getting very much popular ,this should be meant to clean , secure and provide tutorials for features in the phone. it should have a clean flat ui, and very easy to use as well as pleasing to eyes.
      start up manager, ram cleaner ,

    3. CAMERA- SUPER RESOLUTION , it should take lots of pictures together and merge them to provide a higher resolution image , of 41 mp size or even more than that .


    5. A very powerful virtual assisstant, comical and informative like siri, as functional like google and as responsive as moto voice, let the user to change the voice command to any name he wishes

    6. Theme engine should be very powerful enough to overhaul almost all the system and popular apps, just like in CM and xiaomi. Allow themes to change boot animation and sounds.

    7. The keyboard should be customized to change its colour accorfing to the status bar, or the color of the app icon(fleksy and some xposed modules, let u do on the app icon basis)

  • @shreyans-jain the second feature is imp. If CREO is pushing update then users must known what festures are there and how to use them. Feature knowledge is imp. We want more and more aweeesome features and not ui changes

  • @shreyans-jain Haha. ZenFone user spotted!

  • @aniruddha-patil Asus Zenfone Selfie✌

  • @Vikas412 ZenFone 5!

  • @aniruddha-patil cant root it

  • @Vikas412 Which one? Selfie? Mark 1?

  • @aniruddha-patil patil Manje Maharashtra

  • @aniruddha-patil zenfone selfie… Mark 1 will easy

  • @Vikas412 Yup!:thumbsup:

  • @Vikas412 Join some facebook groups, you’ll get detailed info about rooting it and all such stuff.

  • @aniruddha-patil dhanyvad bhava (Thank you)

  • @Vikas412 Haha. Pleasure:relaxed:

  • Just follow the xda forums, read them thoroughly, thats how i followed my zenfone 2 forums from day 1, i just root, and use viper, l speed mod to make my phone even more fabulous

  • @shreyans-jain thanks for your information✌

  • I think ReFuel app on the phone would be the #2 you are talking about.

  • @Saumye-Srivastava refuel app will not be a phone manager, we need a particular phone manager to manage battery, ram, security, permissions.

  • @shreyans-jain Battery can be managed from settings, ram is internally managed by Android OS, security/permission for apps is a part of Marshmallow.

  • I think CREO new month thing will release a new app for just battery management

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