Where the information about online members??

  • Widget for need at any position of the forum where showing details about online moderators admins ,new member name just join and other members online also if possible then showing total members register in forum.This will very helpful to the users as they can see the moderators/admins online then able to add #with name…:disappointed:

  • @arka2020 I also post about this that, forum should be more interactive and informative… By showing information of all members and users, giving them credits according to their contribution to forum and many more.
    Thank you.

  • Right this forum really need much more…no direct pm option,no provide credit,no medal,no contest then why normal people join here…

  • we must keep pushing our suggestions and keep getting our features built. Remember they said that whoever’s feature is accepted their names and photo would be added to the app. I am waiting for the phone to launch. That is very important.

  • @Human 1st of all to get success creo need run a long way…overprice as a starter brand, specification also balance one side strong and one not so good or miss…

  • @Human if you follow miui,flyme then able to know which way impress and get a love and respect form users…

  • The fact that Mark 1 comes with stock android makes it clear that they won’t be going into themes and ui changes. This really makes the entire new phone every month concept pretty interesting. They want to push functional updates. Also fancy stupid colour and icon changes won’t help, we want more changes and features. Features which make our life’s simpler and fun.

  • What is flyme? Plz not other ui thing.

  • @Human They promise every month new feature but so hard work and add feature add every month impossible.They just change ui ,theme also i think change some minor in every month…

  • @Human flyme meizu custom os…:smile:

  • Let’s wait and see when the next of updates roll out. Surely they will release something interesting.

  • @Human Yeah! I like the stock android too. I already own a ZenFone which supports themes, and I don’t remember when was the last time I changed my theme. lol. Yeah, I completely agree, it’s a personal preference, but many users will definitely prefer a functional update rather than a cosmetic makeover update.

  • @aniruddha-patil that’s exactly what I meant. Hope we get over themes and colour changes.

  • same bro but still hard to add a new feature every update…:alien:

  • @arka2020 yes✌

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