Are Spec Battles becoming meaningless?

  • The technology is advancing so quickly, that we’re reaching a point where having the fastest processor onboard doesn’t necessarily equate to having the best phone

    Have a look at the Apple, they are so successful on their Design Language and Software. Apple’s presentations have always been focused on experience rather than the Number of Cores that a processor has.

    The Mark 1 has Mid Range Specs, the only thing they need to focus now is on the Experience that the users get. When we take a phone out of the box, we are excited on how it feels in hand. Other than the phone enthusiasts, no one really cares about the specs.

    I hope the next iteration of the Mark series has

    • A fingerprint sensor
    • A smaller screen size (if CREO goes for big screen, then it should take care of big battery, big specs and software features to take advantage of that screen)
    • OIS rather than MegaPixels
    • Front facing speakers
    • The device to be Light Weight, the Mark 1 being at 190 g. is pretty heavy. The problem is when you actually put on a body cover which then adds extra weight.

  • Yes creo mark 1 is little heavy (190gm).
    I think phone should be light weight to carry.

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